Exclusive Training Event for South Shore REALTORS

Braintree Area REALTORS!

Friday March 20th
at the 110 Grill in Braintree

This training will focus on reaching the lead,  obtaining the buyer and seller meeting and how to make the meeting stick by getting them excited to meet with you. Learn how to convert more buyers and sellers than ever by using our tried and true practices that have helped thousands of Realtors across the country.

Anthony will cover all of the steps leading up to the buyer and seller meeting! 
He will open up portions of the Buyer Lead Playbook and Seller Lead Playbook that he teaches to both Lamacchia Realty agents and training customers across North America.  He will share not only how to overcome, but avoid obstacles you may encounter when trying to convert both buyers and sellers.
Thousands of agents both locally and nationally have taken these courses and more than doubled their conversion rates!
Now it is time for you to learn these career changing tricks of the trade!

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