You’ve Just Closed Your First Deal, Congrats! You’re Not Done Yet…


Closing your first deal is very exciting and calls for a celebration, but that doesn’t mean your work is done and you’re on to the next transaction. As we all know, being a real estate agent means you are running your own business and what is something that is key to successfully maintaining and growing this business? Marketing!

There are many things you should be doing daily in terms of marketing your business, but for purposes of this situation we are going to stay on topic.

First things first, Celebrate!


And post about it on your social media! One of our agents had someone take a boomerang of him popping champagne on the front porch of his first closed listing. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Implement at least 1 of these ideas:

Social media – You should always market your “just sold” listings on any and all social media platforms! Post a picture of your happy buyers in front of their new home (with their permission of course). Write up a post about your happy sellers who gave you a raving review about listing their house with you. Even better, film a video (we know that Facebook loves videos) of the home you just sold, what challenges you faced, if any, and how the transaction went in general. When it comes to video you don’t need to be fancy you just need to be real. Then boost, boost, BOOST!

Direct mail – Mailers are making a comeback. Send out “just sold” postcards to the area in which you sold that property. You never know who may be living around there and thinking of selling their home. Now they will know you know this area well.

Just Sold PC

Here is an example of the Just Sold postcards we use.

Pop-bys – Who visits people in person anymore?? You should! Now this is also a great thing to do while the home is listed so you can invite neighbors to the open house, but it can also be a great way to drop of a cute little present or giveaway with your business card. Don’t be too sales-y, just a friendly pop-by.

Congratulations again on your first closed deal! Make sure to implement some of these ideas and you will be sure to continuously grow your business.