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Recent Episodes

Released April 16, 2019

Want to Motivate Your Agents? Contests and Awards!

Want to create a fun activity that supports a need within your company? Create contests with awards and rewards!

Released January 28, 2019

Realtors Stay Organized - Secret Weapon Revealed

Do you have a CRM that reminds you of birthdays, closing dates, inspections dates, anniversaries and more? Find out how Michelle Wesson, one of our top realtors, never forgets anything!

Released January 18, 2019

Realtors Improve Your Buyer Follow Up

You have to master following up with your leads! You will be wasting money and losing opportunities for sales if you don’t. In this weeks podcast Anthony and Savannah discuss Following Up with your buyer leads and getting them to become more active, more engaged and converted to working with you!

Released January 2, 2019

Don't Sell Yourself Short As A Real Estate Agent!

Anthony discusses this week how to get paid what you are worth.  He interviews an excellent agent from Lamacchia Realty who is not afraid to ask for the fee differential and is getting what he is worth every time!

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Released December 12, 2018

Goal Setting and How To Reach Them

Lindsay Favazza interviews Anthony Lamacchia to get his thoughts on setting goals and what to do to ensure you hit those goals.

Released November 27, 2018

Facebook Don'ts

REALTORS, You are doing it wrong on Facebook

Released November 7, 2018

Buyers Bailing!?

Techniques to keep your buyers excited about their offer!

Released November 14, 2018

Scripts Work!!

Price Adjustment lines that will get your sellers to listen!