Stranger Danger: Keep Yourself Safe With These 5 Safety Tips!

In our line of work we put ourselves in very vulnerable situations because that is part of our job. We can do so in a smart way though. Being observant and making sure you are always on alert is an important skill to acquire.


There are ways to not only reduce potentially harmful situations, but ways to improve your safety. Following these tips are a great start:

1. Make it public

Always make sure to meet a new potential client in a public space. You should never meet someone you don’t know in a secluded place or somewhere you are very unfamiliar with.

2. Have someone know your whereabouts

Before you head off to a showing or new appointment, let someone close to you know where you will be. There are also multiple apps that allow you to do this exact same thing, but with special features such as sharing your specific location and being able to dial an emergency number with the push of a button.

3. Let you client take the lead

Let you clients lead you through the property. This way you are in full view of everything. Just because your showing them a property doesn’t mean you need to be a tour guide. Also be mindful of the exits.

Key in hand

4. Stay in control of the keys

This is a safety tip for not just you agents, but the sellers as well. When showing a property make sure you are the keeper of the keys at all times. Do not leave them out on a counter, or outside. Be sure to place the keys safely back in the lockbox at the end of the showing as to make sure no one tried to steal or make copies.

5. Be mindful of your attire

Be aware of the way you dress. We aren’t just talking about clothing, but jewelry, watches, designer bags and anything else that would seem appealing for someone to want to take.

Following these tips, being aware of your surroundings and staying alert will help improve your safety.