Why Top Realtors are Action Takers!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Middle of January is here. Three, four days from now. This week one of the biggest things that I noticed about our President’s Club, our agents that are here, top realtors, is they’re all action takers. Now, truth be told that’s not something I didn’t already know, but when you hang out with them for six days, you really learn a lot more and you learn a lot more about what they do. They’re all action takers. They’re all implementers. They all also have open minds. They’re more open to, wait, what is that training? How does that work? Geez, let me try that. Similar to how I run my companies. I’m always on offense trying to find a better way, trying to find an improved way of doing things, and they’re the same way. In December, I talked to you a lot about goal setting and achieving.

Are you doing the action steps that you promised yourself you are going to do? Remember when I talked to you about when I said, making your goal stick, making the things that you do stick, are you doing it? Here we are few days from the middle of January 2022, we’re in the lowest inventory market ever, you need to be on offense more than ever. You should be reaching out, getting in contact with people who maybe you didn’t connect with over the holidays. You should be offering market analysis to people, offering equity evaluations. Following up with buyers to see if they did the work on the house they said they were going to do. Just checking in. Wishing them a happy new year. Dialing your leads, getting in touch with people, stocking MLS for new properties coming on. Look into various sources for properties that haven’t been listed yet.

You should be on complete offense, because if you want to be a top realtor or you want to maintain top realtor status, you have got to always be on offense. Think about that. You blink your eyes, it’s going to be March, and a quarter of the year is gone. Blink your eyes again, it’ll be June, and half the year is gone. Then in the summer you start saying, “Sure, I’m not going to hit my goals.” That’s no fun. You don’t want to have that kind of year, and I don’t want you to have that kind of year. What you do this year, what you sell in the summer, six months from now, comes down to your actions that you take now.

That’s all my friends. Get in action. Happy home selling. Talk to you soon.