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Since 2015, the majority of our growth has been organic by individual or small groups of agents. We grew from 30 agents in 2015 to 560 at the end of 2023. Along the way, we’ve had a handful of other brokerages or large groups of Realtors join forces with us by way of acquisition or walkovers. Fortunately, these mergers have been successful not only for the previous Broker/Owners but also, and equally as important, for their agents. We have the process down and we are embarking on doing it at a much larger scale. We are well-capitalized and operationally ready to make things happen for the right companies in locations and regions in which we are interested in gaining market share.

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Testimonials from a few past owners
of companies we have acquired

Right Choice Real Estate Joining Forces with Lamacchia Realty

Ron and Dawn were thoroughly impressed by the advanced systems, cutting-edge technology, and comprehensive training offered by Lamacchia Realty. They realized that merging with Lamacchia was the ideal strategy to extend these exceptional services to their agents.

Top Agents from Connecticut Join Lamacchia Realty Upon New Office

When REALTORS® found out everything Lamacchia Realty had to offer, a group, later followed by more, joined the Lamacchia Southington office to better serve their clients and join a culture like none other.

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Mike was ready to sell his brokerage and move on to a different career path. He was very concerned about what company to sell to because he was and still is very close to the agents at First Team, including his Dad. Read his testimonial.
Chelmsford, MA

“Anthony reached out to me to see if we could schedule some time to get together to discuss a potential opportunity. He was up front right from the beginning and told me that he fully intended on expanding into Chelmsford in the near future. He was just beginning this process and had to decide whether to do so organically by opening a new office or if an acquisition might be possible and make more sense. We had a couple of friends in common whom had recommended that he contact me. 

We had breakfast on a Saturday morning in early January.  I think we both walked away from that first conversation realizing that a sale of First Team Realty to Lamacchia Realty could truly be mutually beneficial. Even more obvious to me was the fact that my team of loyal and hardworking agents would be better off having the support and tools available at Lamacchia than I was able to offer them. 

After a relatively brief and very fair negotiation, Anthony and I agreed to terms. We closed on the sale in the middle of February. From that first conversation to the transfer of ownership, it was just over 30 days. While the process was fast, it was also extremely organized and appropriately formal. Anthony and his team prioritized the correct aspects of the transition.  The impact that these changes would have on my agents and staff was not minimalized. The communication with both myself and the First Team agents, as well as the availability of the leadership team at Lamacchia during this time, exceeded my expectations.   

What stands out to me more than anything else, and what I was most impressed with, was how easy it was for us to clear the small (and unavoidable) hurdles that popped up as we moved towards closing our deal. This can be attributed in large part to Anthony’s integrity and willingness to stick to his word.  We had a few conversations along the way about items that we had to agree upon in order to stay on track. Without fail, common sense and fairness prevailed and we didn’t skip a beat.    

I had a very good experience in selling my real estate office to Lamacchia Realty and am always willing to make myself available to answer questions or provide more detail to anyone that might be considering the same.

Mike Dubuque

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Leslie Storrs had sold to another brokerage and brought over a dozen agents to that other company back around 2014. It unfortunately didn’t work out. So, in 2019 she decided to up and leave and over 14 agents followed her over to Lamacchia Realty. Read her testimonial.
Leominster, MA

“You know how they say, “When it’s not fun anymore, stop doing it”? That’s where I was getting to in my real estate career, and knew I needed a jumpstart. As I observed the agents in the office and reflected on my own business, I realized that none of us were very motivated or happy in what we were doing. I knew we had more potential than what we were currently achieving and that we needed a change. That’s when I approached Anthony and we became part of the Leominster Lamacchia office – and it all became fun again!! This transition was truly a game-changer and was just what I (and all the agents who came with me) needed! As an office leader, it was so exciting to see the agents have an opportunity to thrive and succeed.

Anthony and team could not have made the move smoother or less complicated. They took care of changing everything over and it was done seamlessly, from MLS, to signage, to marketing materials, and business cards. There were so many new systems and procedures to learn, and it appeared to be overwhelming – but the team is always there to help, and the “Real Training” is set up to teach you everything you need to know – and with the live training, the recorded videos and the “how-tos”, you can watch, listen, and learn in multiple formats with the ability to use it as a reference if you need a future refresher.

I could not be more thankful or “at home” at Lamacchia Realty. I’ve had so many more smooth transactions, my work/life balance is greatly improved and Real Estate is “fun” again! The agents who came over with me are growing their businesses and are engaged with the training and other agents, and not one of us has ever looked back. Lamacchia is the “whole package” of success – and I would never consider another company.”

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Angela was the owner of Harkins Real Estate in Westford, MA until she sold to Lamacchia Realty in 2015. Read her testimonial.
Westford, MA

“I joined Lamacchia Realty about seven years ago. I was successful in my own brokerage, had 7 agents and was at the point where I had to make a choice between status quo or hiring staff to support the back office to enable me to continue to sell, help my agents, all while having a life. I wasn’t really looking to join another company. I may have thought about it a little bit but there was no way I was going back to a franchise. I had worked at 2 previously and didn’t see the value. After talking to Anthony, I still wasn’t really sure that everything he was telling me was going to be for real.  

I’ve heard it from other brokers before, “we have this, we have that, we have training, we have marketing, we have leads, we will help you with an assistant” blah, blah, blah. Then you get there, and everything is rosy for a short period of time until things start falling apart and you realize they don’t have the resources or services they promised. You really didn’t get anything for your money so you can imagine my skepticism in joining another brokerage.  

After much soul searching and analysis, I decided to give up my brokerage and join Lamacchia Realty. It was one of the best decisions of my life.

Anthony made good on every single one of his promises, everything he said that he had in the company, he HAD and not only that, he kept adding services. He would talk to agents, staff, and the leadership team to see what the company could do to make things better. What else can they do to help agents maintain work/life balance, what can they do to make their agents lives easier, to help increase their sales, make agents more money, educate to better help their clients, help market themselves, I could go on and on. 

The list of services this company has added since I joined is substantial! Showing partners, field services, marketing services, social media training, training on almost every single subject including sales, providing substantial market data, company/office get togethers, agent recognition, sales contests, leads, relocation services, agent help, in-house professional photography, aerial photography, floor-plans, pre-list, buyer assistance, seller assistance and more.  

Within a year of joining Lamacchia, I no longer had the need for a full-time assistant, and it costs me a fraction of what I was paying previously for my assistant, as well as eliminating the time it took to train and manage that person. GAME CHANGER!

Lamacchia training has saved me so much time in the way I approach closings, home inspections, non-money making activities, setting client expectations, having the hard conversations with clients, really focusing on what activities I should be doing and what are the things I can off load to allow me to move forward, to grow new business, and to harness some of that free time to have a personal life.  

Leads are important to help level your business.   As an experienced agent you hope the client referral business keeps coming in.  We work so hard to retain our customer referral base, but occasionally we find ourselves in that that blank space where the pipeline is dry.  At Lamacchia Realty, you can opt into buyer or seller leads to keep your business going during a dry spell. As with any referral there is a referral fee, but it is a great fill in to keep income flowing, keep you motivated, grab market share, make your goals and reignite your customer base. 

Since joining Lamacchia I have been able to spend more time on my life while still growing my business. Year over year I have grown in the number of transactions and in sales volume. During that time I have been able to spend time with my family, enjoy lake life, golf, go on vacations, etc.

I’m writing this in September 2022 and so far this year’s travels have taken me to Aruba for a week in January, Key West for eight days in May, Los Angeles for 5 days in September, and I’m going to Aruba the first week in October. I will have earned my 6th President’s Club designation by mid-September and fingers crossed I’m hoping to make ELITE again in 2022.  

I would never, ever be LIVING MY BEST LIFE if I had stayed in my own brokerage or if I had gone to a franchise that didn’t have the services that Lamacchia Realty provides to make their agents successful.

When another brokerage sends me an email or text trying to recruit me, I simply respond with #Lamacchia4Life.

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Lamacchia Realty stands out in the real estate industry, primarily due to its exceptional staff. The team at Lamacchia Realty is not just skilled and knowledgeable; they are deeply committed to providing an unparalleled level of support to their agents. This support ranges from comprehensive training programs, innovative technology tools, to personalized mentorship and guidance. The staff works tirelessly to ensure that their agents are equipped with the latest market insights, marketing strategies, and client management skills. This level of agent support fosters a nurturing and productive environment, enabling agents to excel in their careers and provide the best service to their clients.


We Do!


Lamacchia Realty was honored to announce the Company has been named the #1 Large Company Top Place to Work in Massachusetts in the 16th annual employee-based survey from the Boston Globe.  For the third time in a row, Lamacchia has ranked in this survey due to staff and agent feedback. 

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Real Talk with Anthony Lamacchia logo

In the fall of 2021, we launched a video series called REAL Talk with Anthony in which Anthony goes in-depth about what separates Lamacchia Realty from everyone else. To begin, he tells the story of how we got to where we are and, more importantly, where we are headed. He truly opened up more than normal. Click the video to watch the first of this series or click below to see more episodes.

Jackie Louh is the company's Chief Operating Officer

Jackie started at the company in 2010 and now runs the company alongside Anthony.
Read about her promotion to this position and her background

Jackie in the News


Our Unique Suite of Services

A packed schedule is a good problem for a REALTOR®. But what could you do with more time? At Lamacchia Realty, that stress doesn't exist because of Agent Field Services. Our agents have access to consistent, dedicated, and experienced non-selling REALTORS® that they can offload tasks to when they need assistance. They can literally be in multiple places at once. Click the play button to learn more.

Meet the
Lamacchia Realty Leadership Team

Lamacchia Leadership is entirely focused on propelling the company forward with innovative and creative strategies within their respective departments to provide an unparalleled full-service, value-based advantage to the company’s REALTORS and clients.

lamacchia realty logo, white

We are fortunate to be a part of a Global referral network that enables our Realtors to help their clients in many additional ways.

Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® is the largest invitation-only network of residential real estate firms widely recognized as premier providers of quality residential real estate and relocation services.
  • The Leading RE Network sells more real estate than any other national brand
  • Local brand with national strength
  • Sold more than $335 Billion representing over 1 million transactions
  • Sold more than $50 Billion in sales volume over our closest competitor
  • Over 550 Firms
  • More than 138,000 Sales Associates
  • Encompassing more than 4,900 Offices
  • Over 70 Countries

Anthony Lamacchia was awarded the Brokerage Leadership Award at the 2022 Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® conference.

The Brokerage Leadership Award recognizes the principal broker who exemplifies extraordinary leadership and whose achievements have drawn the attention and admiration of others.

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