You will likely get exposed or potentially exposed at some point in some way!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: You will get exposed in some way, at some point. If you’re out there, meeting people, showing homes, bringing buyers into homes, bringing people into your listings, doing home inspections, at some point you’re going to be exposed to this coronavirus, potentially in some way and people need to not get mad about that. In the last two days, I’ve heard about three different stories of someone going in a home with a buyer, a realtor going into a home with a buyer, or a buyer coming over to a listing, or a home inspection being done and then people realizing in the days following that someone there had COVID-19. So far, I haven’t heard of anybody else catching it that had been there, but I did hear of people getting mad at one another, realtors arguing about it, home inspectors. This is crazy. There’s no reason for that, my friends.

Listen, if you want to 100% eliminate the possibility of a possible exposure, stay in your home, in your bedroom. This is going to lurk out there for months on end. No realtor should be yelled at or reprimanded by another realtor because the possibility that someone came into a property or something with someone that had COVID-19. Guys, we’ve got to work together. I’ve been saying this since day one of this crisis. We have to work together and we have to communicate with one another. We don’t want to end up in a situation where realtors are hesitant or apprehensive to tell another realtor when they find out that someone that was in a home, or someone that was in someone’s office or something – I’m making examples up – but potentially had COVID-19.

If you are representing a buyer and you show the buyer four homes and the buyer tells you two days later, “Oh my God, I can’t believe it. I just tested positive. I don’t have that many symptoms, but I was tested, because I had a fever,” you, as the realtor, really should go and let those listing agents know. Check with your broker, check with your legal counsel, make sure that that’s what they want you doing. My recommendation, we should be openly letting one another know. When the other side hears it, or you’re the one hearing it, there’s no reason to get angry with people, or reprimand them in some way, shape or form. Just communicate. Let your seller know, let your buyer know, let the parties know. These things will happen. There are going to be many cases of this and I think in most cases people won’t get it.

I’m no doctor and I’m not going to claim to be, but I did see a great infographic from the state of Michigan, because, very thoroughly, we looked into what is a real exposure. People oftentimes think they’re exposed and then I read up on it on the CDC and I looked at videos and they were like, “Is it considered exposed if you walk by someone down the street and they had COVID-19?” and they’re like, “No”. There’s other examples. I don’t want to get into too many of them. I don’t want to try to claim to be a doctor, but the state of Michigan had an awesome document. I’m going to get that image and post it in the comments here or ask someone to post it in the comments for me. They broke it down about what really constitutes a real exposure. I thought it was helpful and we’re going to be showing it to our company. I thought I’d share that with you, guys.

Guys, let’s work together. The market is dramatically picking up. Buyers and sellers are out there in droves again. We should be happy about this. We should be communicating. We should be working together. Thanks, everybody. Have a great weekend and happy home selling. Happy safe home selling.