You Should Friend Your Competition!

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Anthony: Not only you can, but you should be friends with your competitors. That’s something that Amy and I just talked about here at Remax headquarters. She’s a tremendous host and she is senior vice president of training and all kinds of things here at Remax. Do you want to elaborate on that?

Amy: One of the things that we were talking about was should you be friends with your competitors? Absolutely, you should be. Not only can you be, but you should be. We at Remax focus on the sharing of best practices, our best brokers sharing what they do that works, our agents sharing what they do that works. Here we are, Anthony and I are sharing what we think is going to be working with the consumer for the consumer and for agents going forward. I learned a lot today. Really, thank you for sharing some time with me.

Anthony: You’re an awesome host. I’m so fortunate to know you and to know Adam as well. It was so nice of you guys to invite me in while I’m here. I really appreciate it. We were fortunate enough to get to know each other through John [unintelligible 00:00:54] Group.

Amy: Go John.

Anthony: You pointed out though, you said, “Look what John does.” John brings the best and the brightest together, three, four times a year. We get in a room and we share, we go back to our respective markets and grow.

Amy: That’s exactly this. All representing different companies, different perspectives, different years in the business, but you’re all top producers, you’re all leaders in the industry, but from different companies. You’re willing to share that all and then take it back to the team.

Anthony: Today, I have to admit, I have to give credit where it’s due. I started my career at Remax back in 2004 and I was here until 2007. It was fun for me to actually come out and see the headquarters because obviously, I have large ambitions with my company and plan to build a global company. To see one like this. Look at all the flags up here. Let’s get the camera up there. There’s a whole bunch of other flags on the other side. To think what you guys have done and what Dave did founding it. I told you, I read Dave’s book 10 or 12 years ago and it inspired me. To see you guys carrying that on now, you and Adam, it’s super impressive. We’ll keep competing, but I have nothing but respect for you guys.

Amy: We would say the same about you and what you’re building.

Anthony: Thank you.

Amy: The fact that you are building through development and coaching and building incredible leaders in your team. I can’t thank you enough for being here and being a really great role model for all of us.

Anthony: Awesome. Thank you very much. I hope you guys took something out of that. All you realtors out there, there’s nothing wrong with being friends with your competition, whether you’re going to work together or not. I still see too many realtors who hesitate. There’s even realtor functions where I’ve heard people say, “What are you doing over there with them?” I’m like, “What? What are we, in elementary school?” Let’s work together. Let’s connect and get to know each other because we also, from a sales perspective, we’re in a cooperating business where we’re doing business.

That’s all, folks. I think you guys get the message. Right here, from Denver, Colorado, at Remax headquarters. Thank you, Amy.

Amy: Thank you, sir.

Anthony: Appreciate it. Thanks for your time.

Amy: All right. Bye.