You Can Dial Your Way Out Of Anything

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Anthony Lamacchia: Dialing that phone, you can dial your way out of anything in this business, my friends. Anthony here with a question on real estate. I wanted to talk to you guys before the week is out. Three times this week I talked to agents who felt like they were in a little bit of a slump or felt like they slowed down during the summer and haven’t gotten back on track. I literally said to all three of them, “You can dial your way out of this, you can dial your way out of this.” I was driving down here today to Foxwoods, we have our summer sales contest winner celebration tonight. A bunch of us down here for the night.

I was thinking, three times this week, I said you can dial your way out of anything, you can dial your way out of anything. My friends, in this business, we talk about all this technology and tech this, tech that, and everybody is text, happy. Just nuts about texting. Guys, how about this? Just dial the phone, get people on the phone, call more people. We are in a contact sport and real estate. Real Estate’s and contact sport, the more people you come in touch with, the more business you will do. Do not be shy about calling people.

Texting and email is a means to get people on the phone. It is not a means to actually conduct business, convince people to work with you, convince people to meet with you, et cetera. If you guys want to kick ass between now and the end of the year, just pick the phone up and dial it more. Challenge yourself to dialogue 3 times more, 4 times more, 10 times more than you have been and get people on the phone. A week and a half ago was the first time in a year and a half that I went into the office on a weekday and didn’t have any appointments the whole day.

Normally my day is stacked one after the other. It was just an odd day where something got canceled and I had a free day. I went in that morning and I said, “Well, I could tackle this project. I could tackle that project.” I said, “You know what? I’m not going to tackle any project. I’m going to dial the damn phone.” By 10:00 AM, I did two hours straight and then I did it in the afternoon. All of a sudden, I have tons of appointments, tons of new things cooking, all kinds of things going on because of one day I dialed like mad, talked to about 50 people.

All right, you all can do the same thing. Don’t be shy, dial. You can dial your way out of anything in this business. Remember that next week when Monday comes, my friends. Have a good weekend. Enjoy your Saturday night.