Work Like It’s the 1800s

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Anthony Lamacchia – April 20th, 2018

Hey, everybody, just wanted to follow up on that topic from the other day with scared sellers, wannabe sellers, people that want to sell, want to buy a new home, but they’re not doing it. They’re not even taking the first step of listing in many cases until they find what they want. I want to talk to you all about it again and provide more tips on how to deal with this. We had a big training on Wednesday at our [inaudible 00:00:21] We talked a lot about explaining things to sellers, explaining options, explaining contingencies, explaining how “Hey guys, when you put a sign in the yard, that doesn’t mean that you have to move out the next day. When you get an offer on your home it doesn’t mean that you have to leave the house an hour later.”

There’s a lot of misconceptions out there among sellers where they don’t understand that, “Hey, you know what, you don’t even have to accept an offer. You can get five offers on your home and not take one.” It is the job of you realtors, to explain that to people. Sorry, we got trash trucks going by here. It is your job as a realtor to explain this to people, to make them feel protected so that they realize they don’t have to move out right away. It’s also your job as a realtor to dig, and I’ve talked about this before.

Three or four months ago, I put a video out about digging for properties, finding properties.

Realtors need to work like it’s 1800 right now, like its 1900. No internet, no– Realtors have gotten lazy in the last ten years, some realtors I should say, by just putting people on an NMLS feed and not looking for properties. That’s not your job. Our job as realtors is to dig, make phone calls, call expired, knock on doors, call other brokers, ask if they have any inventory, ask if they have anything that would match your buyer. There’s no reason that after a couple of months of hard work for a buyer, you can’t find them a home. Providing it’s a typical buyer, not a buyer that’s looking for a 5,000 square-foot house for $100,000 in Boston, you guys get my point.

People need to get better at their skills. Yes, we’re in a hot market, but so what? Now we’re in a hot market and people say, “Oh you guys must be killing it.” Well, actually there’s challenges in this market, right? There’s a lack of homes to sell, lack a home for buyers to buy and it’s your job as a realtor, it’s all of our job to sharpen our skills. Sharpen our skills with talking to sellers, wannabe sellers, explaining the contingencies, explaining the protections, finding properties for buyers, explaining how they can buy a house and not end up owning two homes, not end up having to move twice. Those are the things we have to improve on.

We talked about a lot of that in the blog that I put in the comments the other day. That’s all. I just wanted to share some thoughts. I’m out here at our Wooster office. It is getting finalized. Here’s the sign. We’re going to be opening here in about two weeks. Thanks everybody. Have a great day.