Win That Bidding War!

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Anthony Lamacchia: Good morning everyone. We’re here to do some training and to do some real estate updates. The biggest topic I’m going to go over today is winning a bidding war. Very, very important topic. Something that’s going on now. Has been going on since the beginning of the year and there’s been a lot of them for years, but also we’re going to see it a lot in the next few weeks.

There’s a lot of pent-up demand in the market and I expect that there’ll be lots of bidding wars at least for 60 days. This is a training that we usually keep internally. We have a lot of things that we teach our realtors and a lot of tactics that we teach our realtors to implement, that really work. We just thought because of the COVID environment that we would again, invite people in.

This is something that we’ve been doing since this all started. I thought it would be a good idea to run this one today because we are hearing of many stories of realtors getting frustrated. There’s very little for sale. Whatever comes for sale, you want to be able to get it for your buyer and when you can’t, that can be pretty frustrating when you don’t win it. Even with what we teach you, you’re not going to win it every time, but we will help you increase your chances.

I am ready to rock today, ready to go over that with you. I have a tie on for the first time in eight weeks. Got a haircut yesterday. If anybody’s wondering. No, I didn’t go to the barber. No, my wife did not cut it. Wouldn’t let her near cutting my hair. She’s a great cook, not somebody who’s going to cut my hair. I was able to have the barber come to the house yesterday to cut me and my three boys.

Also, going to go over a little bit of a real estate update with you. Many of you I’ve noticed are watching on Monday too, but Monday is mostly a consumer crowd, buyers and sellers, tenants, landlords, et cetera. Today is realtor, so I’ll be able to go through some of the housing data with you on what’s changed since last week. I’ll be going over that with you today.

For Massachusetts, for New Hampshire, we are seeing the market pickup, no doubt. Things are kicking into gear, things are happening, but it’s important that we keep everybody updated because the knowledge is the power. On Friday I’m going to be doing a training on Zoom and the training is going to be called or based around “still having a big year.” If you log on to, you can go in and you can sign up right there for the training. I believe we have about 100 seats left. I think everybody’s getting all zoomed out.

We’ll probably end up around 500 people and that’s totally fine with me, but one of the things that I’m going to be talking about then is using data, actual data that you can show to buyers and sellers so that they believe what’s going on. There’s a lot of misinformation out there. We are dealing with a lot, a lot of people who actually think that the market is crashing right now and home prices are just going to go off a cliff.

They don’t have an understanding of how the real estate market works. It is our job as realtors to teach them, and you can’t just teach them by talking to them. You have to teach them by showing them. Jon Cheplak, he’s a great speaker, trainer. He’s actually going to tune in for agents just in our company next week. Jon always says, “People don’t believe what they hear, they believe what they experience.”

Showing them data gets them to believe things. That’s why I want to go over the data with you guys because I know that if I keep you very updated, it’s going to make your life a lot easier and make it so that you can articulate your message and keep your buyers and sellers updated so that they have a comfort level. We’re going to be going over that as well. The first thing that I’m going to do is go over a market update and I believe we’re at about the time that I can start doing that.

It’s 11:02 now. I’m going to get started right now. Going to share a screen here for a few minutes and if you watched on Monday, don’t be like, “Oh my God, I saw this.” I’m going to go through it faster. Don’t worry. I’m going to go through it faster with you right now so that you can at least wrap your head around it, know what’s going on in the market. This page, by the way, you can log on at any time to

You can see the data that is updated every single Monday. There it is right in the screen, Lindsay just put it up, at any time. I want to say to the realtors that aren’t a part of our company, I see many of them watching. Guys, don’t think that you won’t be able to have an impact on someone if it’s not from your company. Frankly, sometimes you can have a better impact when it’s outside of your company because it’s third party.

I’m just going to show you this data. You’re free to use it. All our realtors are using it every day but if you go on to that page, you’ll see homes listed. This is the amount of homes listed in a given week, every week back to the beginning of the year, and you’ll see how we were on a normal increase. Then covered hit in late March, we fell off a cliff pretty much on the amount of homes listed per week.

Now we’re back on the incline. Last week, till Saturday night, 1864 homes listed. I’ll tell you this. I said this Monday, I’ll say it again. If I’m wrong, you can all give me a hard time. I guarantee that will be over 2000 this week. No question, it will be over 2000. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was even 2500 but maybe not yet. Probably over two and then once we get past the 18th, next week will be a big week and the weeks after.

As I’ve said, we’re going to see some overcompensating in the numbers to make up for the lost time. As the amount of inventory has increased, so hasn’t the amount of showings. If you look here, the average amount of showings in a given week in the orange is 2020 it dipped, it went really low. After listing started falling off, buyers were like, “I’m not leaving my house.”

Now we’re back above. We are now above where we were last year. Next week, mark my words, that will be substantially higher because we’re going to overcompensate now for a few weeks to make up for things. Snapshot of the amount of homes for sale in Massachusetts on every single Saturday back to the beginning of the year. You will see that though there’s more homes getting listed, the actual amount of homes for sale, I want to make sure everyone understands that, is really not lifting that much.

This past Saturday, 11,300. The Saturday before 11,142. You’re not going to see a big lift off there because there’s a lot of demand. When there’s demand, that means the homes are getting eaten up as fast or almost as fast as they’re getting listed. I call that the Pac-Man effect. I’ve been saying that for 10 years. It’s like the old game of Pac-Man that the little guy runs around and eats up every one of the dots on the screen. Same thing here. We will see this lift, but it’s not going to be dramatic for a while.

There’s going to be a delay on it and then it’ll start to go up. When we get to summer, it’ll get up into here. Closer to where it should be, but there’s going to be a delay. You come down here, homes pending. Very, very, very important metric to track. As the homes listed is increasing, so isn’t the amount of homes pending. 1,728 last week, 1,418 the week before.

We’re almost back to February levels of pendings, which makes sense because we’re back to February levels of homes being listed. I’ll make another prediction. That’s going over 2000 this week. Guarantee it next Wednesday when I’m with you doing this update, I will be telling you about that. We have a great special guest next Wednesday for this training and I’m going to talk to you about that.

I might as well just tell you right now, by Shant Banosian from Guaranteed Rate mortgage. He’s a friend and he’s our preferred mortgage lender. He is the number one mortgage lender in the country. He will be right here with me live for an interview and a discussion on Wednesday at 11:15 next week. I’m going to do like a 15:20 minute update and then he’s going to jump on with me.

I spilled the beans and that’s what you get for watching. You get to hear things in advance. Pendings increasing as well. This one, the sold, is not that important yet, but here’s what I will say about this. The amount of homes sold is going to drop dramatically in about two weeks– Not even two weeks, probably 10 days. I told you this a week ago, when we get closer to the end of May, and the April home sales statistics come out, they’re going to be down.

Every major newspaper, every news organization, they’re going to jump all over it. “COVID-19 is crushing the real estate market. Covid19 is causing another housing collapse.” I could literally write the headlines and I could even use that voice if you guys think that would be more helpful. I could go on the radio and just imitate what they’re going to do. What we realtors need to make sure is that we make it clear that is home sales.

Yes, home sales are going deep dip, doesn’t mean home prices will. May see some the impact come forward, but there’s no chance of prices falling here in the next few months, inventory is way too low. You’re going to see this go lower compared to last May and June. We’re going to be down here. Then when we get into June and July in August and September, you’re going to see sold numbers up here because we’re going to make up for lost ground.

Do I totally think we’ll make up? No, I don’t. I don’t think we will. I do not think as many homes will sell this year as the years past. The reason is there is going to be a certain percentage of sellers that are going to say, “I’m waiting a year or two. I didn’t care if I sold this year. I wanted to, but I don’t care.” I don’t know how many are going to say that, but I will tell you this. We’ve been selling

about 105,000 homes a year in Massachusetts for the last few years.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that one below 100, for total homes sold. I’ll get into that deeper in the summer and be able to show you guys data as to why I think what I think. This is the percentage of homes going under contract per week, you can see it went up to 15%. Average prices don’t really matter yet. We did add something down here. I want you to know this. Last week I showed you March 19 to 20, April 19 to 20. We don’t have the sold data yet for April but I want you to see this. This is important, May 1st to May 10th, 2020, compared to the same timeframe in 2019. Look at the decrease, homes listed down 50%. Homes pending down 40%.

Guys, it’s impossible to not have overall sales down 40%-50% in May and in June, and maybe even part of July. I don’t think July will be that much until we get to the other side. We’re literally going– It’s like a roller coaster. “Oh, here comes the hill.” We’re going down, and then we’re going to go back up. For listed and pending, we’ve already gone through the worst of it. We’ve already gone through the valley on the roller coaster that took us down and now we’re climbing. Same thing with showings, same thing with spending, but we haven’t with sold.

Right now we’re like– When you go up a roller coaster, it’s like, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick in your head. You’re like, “Ah this is fun.” Then there’s a part of you that’s like, “What the hell did I get myself into?” That’s me at Hersheypark sometimes. I’ve been there a couple of times with my kids and you’re thinking, “Did I really have to do this tick, tick, tick?” Then, “Oh.” You just go flying down so fast.

That’s how it feels. If you guys agree, comment that you agree about the roller coaster. We’re at the top of the clicks right now and we’re about to see the amount of home sales fall and then it’s going to come right back up. Do I think it’ll go as high? No, but there’ll be some overcompensating, some correction and then we’ll even back out as we get into the fall months.

Hope that makes sense. I didn’t really come on today thinking I was going to talk about a roller coaster, but you never know what I might say when I go live. You just never know what might come out of my mouth. Then you look at New Hampshire. I’m not taking you through New Hampshire, but I’m just going to show you quickly NH, here you go, similar data. Their MLS is not as sophisticated, no offense New Hampshire friends, but it’s not– I wanted to show you that.

Now, another reminder, we are having a training on Friday,, you can sign up for that training. I will be going over very specific things that realtors can and should do to make sure they still have as big of a year. Remember what I just said I expect home sales for 2020 to be less. There’s going to be less home sales for the year. I don’t think we’re totally going to make up for these lost months but every one of you watching, I see you all, can have as big of a year. You can do it but you got to operate in a certain way.

There’s certain things you’ve got to put in place and you’ve got to put in place immediately to make sure that you do that. That’s what I’m going to talk to you about. That’ll be Friday at three. It’s on Zoom. You have to log on to in order to sign up for that training because I’m not doing that public– I would like to be able to speak more freely, and really do a more of a private training like I usually do. We do trainings all over the place once a month. I did one in Worcester, where we had the South Shore schedule. I did one up in Chelmsford. We had a ton of awesome people there. Then we had to get rid of our whole schedule and that was disappointing.

Anyway, back in focus, let me jump to the next topic, which is bidding wars. I want to talk to you about this. Again, real estate is very simply a business of supply and demand. That’s the first thing I want to mention. That’s all it is. I have always said, if we were in more than that, I Anthony Lamacchia would not be any good at it. I don’t like complicated things. I like simple things. That’s true. You have to understand and you have to get your buyers to understand that it is simply supply and demand.

You should use the on Market Snapshot to your advantage every day of every week with every one of your buyers. That is step one. The people that logged on to this training today or who got on to watch it, they were expecting me to just talk tactically about how to win a bidding war. What should you say? What would you offer? What should be written? Yes, I’m going to get to that. I’m going to get to that but it starts with educating the buyer before you end up in that situation. I swear the number one question I get nationally from our training customers is, “Well, do you have commission scripts?” I’m like, “Well, of course, we do.”

Getting the commission that you want on a listing appointment starts long before the listing appointment. It starts on the phone, it starts in the lead up to the appointment. Same thing here. You can’t start educating your buyer when they first find a home. If you just got the relationship with them, you don’t have a choice. If you can educate them in advance, you’re going to be a lot better. What I’m going to do right now is I’m going to play pretend, and I’m going to pretend that I’m going out to show a home in Watertown today to a buyer.

I’m going to go to reports, tools, market reports, my favorite report of all time, the on Market Snapshot. If I was going to show a single-family home, I would click on single-family home. Guys I did not run this before so it’d be pretty funny if there’s more inventory than last year, that’ll be really funny but I don’t care. I’m going to run the report with you. Okay, there is more. [laughs] That didn’t work out very well. All right, let me go backward.

What I’m getting at. It’s not a bad thing that there’s a little bit more inventory. Three more homes for sale in Watertown than there was before. Okay, let’s take another town. I’m going to go with– I don’t know, Woburn. I got W towns in my head. Woburn looks even. 19 homes, 18 homes compared to last year at this time. That goes to show that in the last week more people are listing their homes.

The point I’m getting at is you have to make it clear to your buyers, that there is a low amount of inventory and because of the low amount of inventory, you are dealing with a situation where, I’m going to do all of Massachusetts one year ago, you’re dealing with a situation where your buyer has to stand out. If your buyer doesn’t stand out to the seller, why are they going to take your offer? You have to provide them with all the right things.

This is interesting, I wasn’t expecting this. Is this right? I’m really caught off guard. All right, this says there’s 7000 on Market Snapshot Massachusetts. I don’t believe this is right. I think MLS– Something is wrong. I guess that’s what I get for running a– I’m sorry single families. Sorry. That makes sense. That’s a good start then. I was like, “No, there’s 11,000 homes in the market.” I started getting nervous.

Right now there’s 7000 single-family homes in the market in Massachusetts, compared to a year ago when there were– We’re going to look in a minute, 10,761. Do you see that? Many, many cities and towns there’s a difference. Guys, you can manipulate the timeframe to your favor to make your point to your buyers. If you run the report and it doesn’t totally justify what you’re trying to explain, you can change the date, you can look a month ago, three months ago, four months, whatever it may be. A year ago, but think about that in Massachusetts right now single-family homes for sale 7,286 compared to 10,761.

If I go backward, and I run all the Massachusetts singles, multis, condos, watch what happens. This matters to getting multiple offers accepted and winning bidding wars because I want you to work with your buyers to get them to understand. A lot of the feedback that I’m hearing from our realtors and realtors outside the company is, buyers think the market’s crashing so they’re waiting or some are buying or some are, “I’m not offering over asking. The whole economy is crashing.” You need to show them this. 11, 000 homes for sale in the market right now. 15,700 a year ago. Guys, that’s like 40% less inventory. They have to understand that and it’s your job to explain that to them.

The first part is education. Very, very important that you completely educate them so that they know what’s going on in the market. They understand the fundamentals of supply and demand. You also should show them comps in the neighborhood. It might be early in the season. I was texting with one of our top realtors last night who said, “God some of these houses I don’t have comps because they even closed yet.”

She said, “I’m going back a year.” If you need to do it, that’s fine. You could go back a year, then you could show them a sold report and show them how much prices have come up in a year. You could do that too. Have that in mind. That’s the type of thing you should do. Now what I want to do is I want to jump into bidding wars and how to get your buyer completely ready to strike.

This is a blog that we have on our website. If you go to our website,, in the search bar up top, top right corner, you can go and search “ready to strike”. Thank you, Lindsay. If you go on to that page, you’ll see there’s a video with me talking to buyers, but I also go through the various tactics that buyers can implement

to improve their offer, to get it so that they have an attractive offer.

This is a little bit of a dicey road with a buyer. Some people would say I’m crazy to do this training public, but I want other realtors to hear it. I want to help. I have a lot of great fans watching right now who’ve been very good to me and I want to help you with your businesses. Whether you’re at our company or not, I want to help you. If you look at this, it takes you through all the different tactics.

I’m not going to read every sentence, but it talks about having an updated pre-approval letter. Have your lender keep your pre-approval letter current within 20 days. When choosing your lender, make sure it’s a lender that’s committed enough to go to bat for you during a bidding war. They should be well known, well respected, blah, blah, blah. It goes on and on.

Pre-approvals need to be updated. If you can get it property specific, that will help. You want to have it be property specific if possible so that it shows that you really got one for that specific property. It also tells your buyers, “Hey, you need to be readily available to see homes.” I remember 10 years ago, for those of you that weren’t in the business then, totally different dynamic.

The idea of a seller saying, “You can come see my home from 11:00 AM on Sunday to one o’clock and I will review offers Monday at 12:00 PM.” That didn’t exist unless you dramatically– If you priced very much on the low side on purpose, that didn’t happen. Buyers were like, “Yes, I like to see your home. I’m interested. I get out of work around five, but really I like to go home. Can I come over there in four days and see your home?”

You know what the sellers did? “Sure. What time would you like to come?” All of you watching, remember I told you those stories because someday it’ll go back the other way. I don’t think it’ll be this time. I think in the fall we’ll see some slowness. We’ll see some more evenness between buyers and sellers, but I don’t think that we’re going to see some massive housing collapse with attitudes totally changing back like I just explained. Your buyers need to be readily available to see homes.

They also should compose a personal letter. Talk about how they like the home and they’ll take care of the home and so on. You got to be careful with personal letters. A word to the wise, I want to make sure that agents are aware of fair housing. Don’t be going in there and saying, “I have a family of four blah, blah, blah.” No, no, careful, careful. Don’t violate Fair Housing. Talk about the property, how you admire it, how you will take care of it, and move on.

Another item that you’ll see on our blog is willingness to offer over asking. If you see we explained it all in there, so we’re going to put the link to this in there. For all of you in the comments, you can hijack it. If you want us to email it to you, post your email and we’ll get it to you, but notice what we did. Guys, this is how we operate. We’re always showing proof, you don’t just tell people things, you show people things. Look what we’re doing here. We’re showing them properties all over the map. Pembroke listed for 283, sold for 335. Dracut, listed for 289 sold for 303.

Chelmsford. Porter road, funny enough I sold a property there 10 years ago back when I was selling. 299 sold for 349, blah, blah, blah. Waltham, blah blah. Looks like we need to update those a little. We’ll get that done now that I mentioned it, but bottom line, we’re showing them this. Escalation clauses, we’re explaining to them, you could say, “My buyer is willing to pay X dollars.”

I’m going to show you a different way that we look at this in a minute because we have a document as well. “But my buyer is willing to pay 2000 over the highest offer up until X price.” Meaning my buyer will pay $2,000 over the highest offer up to 650. You should put it up to. Make sure that you do that. It’s very important to do that. That’s an idea that you can have.

You could also consider waiving home inspection. Be very careful, very delicate with that conversation with your buyer. You don’t want to look at a buyer and say, “Well, you better not do a home inspection if you want this.” Careful. You don’t want something to happen, but you could discuss it with the buyer. Inform them that other people are waiving it. You could say to them, “Hey, I have a question. If the home needs a new boiler, are you going to buy it?” “Oh yes.”

Buyers always do this. When they know there’s many people interested they’ll say yes. “Okay, if it needs a new roof, you still going to buy it?” “Yes.” “Let’s say it had some termites or something, you’re going to buy it?” “Yes.” “Okay.” “If the outlets aren’t grounded, are you still buying it?” “Yes.” “Okay.” I have news for you. That’s the four most common things that come up in a home inspection. There could be many other things that come up. There could be something wrong. I don’t want to dissuade you from home inspection, but I’m just letting you know what the most common things are and I’m letting you know that the people you’re competing with likely aren’t doing an inspection.

Shorten contingency timeframes. That’s another tactic. Be careful there with a mortgage. Obviously, this was written five years ago or four years ago. We’re in a situation now where you need to be careful about the mortgage contingency timeframe because they need time. Discuss it with your mortgage broker. I can’t emphasize the importance of having a very, very good mortgage broker, especially in challenging times.

That’s the good part of bad markets. The best rise to the top and I said that weeks ago. If we see this market, if the economy stays in a prolonged slowdown, and the economy slows down, I got news for you. The realtors that are top players, they’ll get even busier. If you’re not a top player right now get yourself there because you’ll rise to the top. That’s part of the reason we’re having Shant Banosian from Guaranteed Rate mortgage, come in and do an interview with me next week, right here with you guys.

Seven days from right now, him and I are going to have a discussion about mortgages and all different things you can do because we’re going to stay on this topic. You could increase your down payment. Make sure to be flexible on the closing date. I got news for you. I just locked down an offer on a property somewhere that I’ve wanted for many years. One of the reasons I got it was I made it easy on the seller.

I said, “Hey, I’ll close when you want. I’ll take the tenants, you don’t have to do anything.” I made it easy. The easier you make things on sellers, the more likely that they want to work with you. You could talk to them about using occupancy agreements. Allowing a seller to stay in the property for a period of time. Right now, here’s something that’s going on in the market and we’re probably going to spend some more time on this next week or the week after.

There’s an abundance of sellers that are also buying, but they’re not listing because they’re like, “Well I don’t see anything out there to buy.” It’s a problem and it creates somewhat of a log jam and it creates this vicious circle. That’s tricky to deal with and you have to make sure you’re exposing your buyers to everything. There’s also a Channel 5 segment that I did two springs ago, talking about having your buyers ready. That’s in there as well.

Again if you’d like us to email this to you, we are happy to or you can grab the link because we posted it. This is the document that we have, that our agents use in their folders to talk to buyers about. As you can see, we made it Lamacchia specific. Obviously, we’re not in the business of changing it for others, but it goes over all the same things and it makes it easier.

The reason we put it into the document, is we want to be able to show it to the buyers and say, “Here’s some options for you.” Notice we have a disclaimer down the bottom that is in Mice font. “Disclaimer, there are risks involved with these tactics, consult your realtor or attorney.” Super important to do that, but these are tactics that you can employ to give your buyer a better chance of getting their offer accepted.

We can send you this blog. It’s on our public website, we’ll get that to you. The document we’re not sharing, but the public website, link is public. You could go on our site and search, ready to strike, and we will send it to you, but when you discuss these things with your buyer, and you go over them with them, they will be more likely to follow your lead. I’ll tell you another thing that will make them more likely. If they don’t listen, write the offer, let them not get the property.

You obviously going to make your best effort to get them the home that they want, but when they get denied, watch how fast that they’ll listen better next time or listen better the third time. That does happen with buyers. These things do happen. Have that in mind. Also very important to have conversations with your clients, not just email, not just text. Too often, I know, agents are just resorting to texting with clients. You’ve got to talk to them.

They’re getting into a multiple offer situation, get on a Zoom, talk to them back and forth. “Here’s the situation. Let me show you this document. Read this blog. It’s a very good blog. It explains it.” If you’re a realtor in another company, share it, who cares. They’re more willing to listen if it’s a third party sometimes, but it works. It gets the pressure off of you to have to explain every little thing.

Then you come up with a game plan with them. Very important to do that, very important that they feel that you’re with them in that battle. Use the technology at hand.

For Lamacchia realtors listening, I’ve said it 10 times in the last two months. Adam, our IT guy, is working with tons of our realtors to train them on how to get good at setting up Zooms, getting their cameras ready, using Microsoft Teams into our company.

There’s no reason with all the technology that’s out there, that you shouldn’t be using it to talk to your clients. Even if you can’t talk to them face-to-face on the side of a cab. I wanted to go over that with you all, make sure to use it, communicate with your clients. Other tactics that you can utilize to get your offers accepted are your dealings with the listing agent.

We have this. This is a whole training in itself in our training system. I’m going to touch on some of the high points. You want to have good rapport with the listing agent. I talked to an awesome agent of ours four days ago, and she said to me, “You know, I went, I met the listing agent. There was an open house and it helped me get their offer accepted.” Of course, it did.

That realtor said, “That’s something I learned in the training, I wasn’t doing before I came here.” That’s understandable, but the FaceTime helps. If you can friend the listing agent, be friendly, send them a nice tidy offer packet, updated pre-approval, nice explanatory email. If the buyer is good about adjusting the closing date, mentioning that. You could also say to the listing agent, “Is there anything other than price that is important to your seller?”

See what they say. If they say, “Yes, I know it’s a crazy request, but my seller would really like to close in August.” Today’s May 13th. Plenty of buyers would be willing to do it to win a bidding war. My point is, it’s all about the communication. Make it easy on the listing agent. One of our VPs in our company was the leading listing agent 10 years ago when I had a team. She used to say, “I don’t have any problem bidding it. I do all I can to get the sellers to accept the offers of the realtors that are on top of things, because that’s, what’s better for sellers. The realtors that send the stuff in, the realtors that make it easy, that’s the only offers that I try to get accepted.”

Those relationships are very important. That’s why it’s critically important that you have a good rapport with the listing agent. Be on top of things, get back to them. When you show the home, be very respectful, make sure it’s locked up correctly, keys in the lockbox. Make sure you go about things the right way. Shut the lights off, if they’re having you shut lights. Some sellers now are turning the lights on that they want on. Depends on the situation.

The point I’m getting at is, you want to have a good rapport with that listing agent. I’m going to take questions in about two minutes, but I just wanted to discuss that with all of you and have a chance to explain it, because I know that if you implement those kinds of things, it’ll make a tremendous difference in your business. What do we have for questions? I have 5 or 10 minutes to go over questions.

Lisa Hayford, that’s right. Lisa’s a great realtor up on the North shore. She said, “Terms are often as important, if not more important than the actual price. No home sale contingency, few contingencies.” She’s 100% right. That’s true. It does matter to people and that’s why you have to do that. As you can see, I’m checking Facebook to see if there’s questions. I forgot to un-share the screen.

People should keep that in mind because it’ll make your life a lot easier. When you get an offer accepted in a multiple offer situation, you become the hero to that buyer. That buyer is in love with you after that. They recognize the hard work that you did. They recognize that you were able to land the property. Let’s face it guys. When a buyer knows they competed for a property, they are far less likely to cause trouble unnecessarily at home inspection and other things.

I don’t know Amanda, but Amanda said, “Tennessee is crazy right now. Buyers are flocking here.” All right, that’s good news, Amanda. Good for you. I’m looking for new comments or questions. Anyone? I think we can wrap it up. We don’t have to go on and on with questions. Again, if you would like to receive that blog, if you want it emailed to you, we will send it to you. Go ahead and post your email, or you can see it in the comments. Thank you so much for tuning in and have a great day everyone. Happy home selling. See you Friday for the event. I’m still having a big year, and I’ll see you again next Wednesday. Thanks.