Who is Going to Work Today?

Read the blog below:

Who’s going to work today, folks? Who’s going to work? That’s where I’m heading right now. Want to talk about this for a minute. I’ve noticed in our industry– I’ve noticed. That makes me sound smart. I’ve only be at it 15 years. In our industry there’s too many people that don’t take going to work seriously. When I started this business 2004, I was half in the business, half working with my dad, till May 2006.

Soon as I was full-time in ’06, in May, we would look to get an office. We had one in July. Every single day, five to six days a week, I went to the office at 7:00 in the morning. Every day. This is before I had kids. What I’m getting at is, I understand people have different schedules, conflicting schedules, et cetera. Guys, one thing that happens in real-estate is people almost have too much flexibility, and the average person has a hard time holding themselves accountable. Let’s be honest. Right? They do.

Going to work and having, a going to work attitude, is what will help your business grow, because when you’re going to work you’re more productive. I’m sorry to tell you all, if you think you’re more productive at home, you’re not. In most cases you are not. Am I more productive at home? Yes. 5:00 o’clock in the morning, 4:30 in the morning. If I start working early when no one’s up.

Other than that, I’m not more productive. The kids are all over me. They’re disruptive. There’s things going on. They’re causing trouble. There’s always things at home that distract us all. You might do a load of laundry. Amazon might deliver something out front and you don’t get as much focused time. My message of the day folks is, think about the importance of going to work. There are many, many fancy real-estate offices out there. I don’t see enough realtors filling them up, both at my company and at other companies across the country.

We have five offices and the fastest growing one, has more agents that go in every single day than any of the other offices. It reminds of the movie Home Alone. Remember in Home Alone when that cop, who was the crook, was at the bottom of the stairs and he’s going– There’s people everywhere. When I go out and visit our Wister office, that’s what I see, literary. It’s like this, constant.

Think about that and see if you can get it into your schedule. During the day, since when I started this business full-time, the office was always my home base. Always the home base throughout the day. That’s all. My message is, “Go to work folks. Go to work.” Thanks, guys. Have a great day.