What Crush It In Real Estate is all about

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Anthony Lamacchia – November 30th, 2017

Good morning everyone. I just wanted to explain real quick what Crush It In Real Estate is all about. This is going to essentially be a learning center for realtors. To teach you all how to Crush it in real estate. We’re going to be sharing, I’m going to be sharing at a minimum on a weekly basis a lot of the tips and tricks and tactics and things that we teach here at Lamacchia Realty to our agents that help people grow their businesses.

I get a lot of questions from friends around the country and friends locally on, “How are your agents wrapping up so quickly? How are they doing so much business? How are they converting so many buyers, converting so many sellers?” and now I’m here. I’m going to share a lot of how that’s happening. If you’re a realtor this will be of interest to you I promise. If you pay attention to the videos that we put out on a weekly basis you will pick up strategies, small strategies, little nuggets, little parts of what we teach here at Lamacchia Realty. You will pick those up, they will be applicable to your business whether you are a local or you are somewhere else in the country they will help you. Stay tuned, I’ll be back with the first official video with some kind of strategy within the next week. Thanks very much and have a great Turkey Day everyone.