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Anthony Lamacchia – March 2018


Anthony Lamacchia: Hey, everybody, would you like to get more of your offers accepted in bidding wars? Make more deals happen this spring, would you like that? Anthony LaMacchia here to talk to you about this and talk to you about a change that we made in our business last year and in our training that made a significant difference and a little collateral piece that made a significant difference, here it is right here, I’ll talk about it in a minute.

Last year, right around late March, first week in April, we were realizing that our agents were having a hard time getting offers accepted. There were not enough properties going under contract and we recognized it as a problem, so we immediately put some trainings together. Within two weeks of doing the trainings, pendings went up.

Part of the training and part of what we did, that the agents absolutely loved– Sorry, there’s a fly or something. The agents absolutely loved, is we created this collateral piece and it’s called Bidding wars. Be Ready to Strike and Win, and it talks about how in this ultra-competitive market, buyers need to consider blah-blah-blah. It talks about all the things that buyers should do to have a better chance of getting their offer accepted.

Here we are 11 months later and agents are telling us it’s probably the single best piece of paper we ever created for them because instead of just verbally explaining it to the buyer, when you actually show them or you give it to them in advance, they have a chance to read it, it resonates and they understand it.

Within two weeks we saw our agents that were having to make five six seven offers to get one accepted, making three offers to get one accepted. Winning more than 50% of the bidding wars that they were getting involved in, and this collateral piece right here was a big part of this improvement that we saw.

For you to get this document, we are going to share it. Click the link above and you’ll be able to download it. You don’t have to email us or anything crazy, download it, it’s a free download that we’re going to share. Change the logo to your logo and it’s yours. Thanks very much, everyone, good luck with it.