Want to Learn 3 Ways to Become More Effective on Social Media?

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Lindsay Favazza – March 12th, 2018

Hi, Crush It In Real Estate, want to learn three ways to become more effective on your social media today? One thing that you can stop doing altogether. First and foremost, my name is Lindsay Favazza, I am marketing manager here at Lamacchia Realty. I’ve only been here two years but I’ve been helping small business owners for 15 years plus now with their marketing and their social media marketing as well. Enough about me, let’s get into it.

Three things that you can do today to become more effective. Number one, listen and learn from your customers. You’re sitting in these buyer-client meetings, you’re sitting in these seller meetings and you’re discussing with them all their concerns, their fears, their worries, use that in your social media to help educate others. First, you’re going to listen, then you’re going to educate.

Number two, educate. Number two, when you’re educating, what you’re going to do is you’re going to take the information that you learn from your customers because you’re going to open up your ears, you’re going to listen to their worries and their fears and then you’re going to educate the other people on your social media about those same fears and concerns. For instance, I had posted a message on our company page asking about what are things that buyers are concerned about right now? Overwhelmingly, I was told bidding wars.

If this is something that’s happening in your market, you’re hearing a lot of things about bidding wars, please today make sure that you go online, you go on your social media, you write a blog, you write a post. Most important, I think, would be to do some kind of video, similar to this, where you explain to people what a bidding war is, how to avoid it and help educate them on that topic specifically because you know that if your clients have been asking about it, others are thinking about it as well. You’re going to learn, you’re going to listen, you’re going to learn and then you’re going to educate.

Lastly, engage, number three. Engage. If you just put out messages on your social media and you don’t respond or keep up with messages that people send you or people sharing your content with others, make sure you’re thanking them. If you just walk away from your Facebook page and only post, post, post, then a lot of people are going to be turned off by that, they’re going to think that that’s how you run your business and that’s not good. Number one, learn, listen, learn, both the same. Number two, educate, make sure that you’re educating the people that are on your Facebook, on your social media. Number three, you’re going to engage them and be having a dialogue back and forth.

The one thing I told you, I was going to tell you to stop doing today, is stop selling. You’re going to educate people, you’re going to become a resource, you’re going to become a trusted resource. You’re going to stop, stop, stop posting things about, “If you want to buy or sell, call me today.” Those aren’t going to work, educate people, put your efforts into educating and becoming a trustworthy resource for them. Guarantee you’ll become 10 times more effective on your Facebook page. Facebook, social media in general, if you’re an Instagram fan, I think you should do the same thing there as well. That’s it for me. Thanks so much, guys. Have a great week.