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Anthony Lamacchia – May 5th, 2018

Anthony: [00:00:01] We on?

Cameraman [00:00:03] Yes.

Anthony: [00:00:03] What’s up everybody? Anthony Lamacchia here with Matt Bizzaro from New York-

Matt: [00:00:08] What’s up?

Anthony: [00:00:08] -and Mark Martin from Texas. We’re at Mike Pruitt’s brand-new beautiful Century 21 office down here in Atlanta Georgia. I want to talk to you guys about reaching more people, getting in contact with more customers because Mark just did an awesome presentation and he went over a whole bunch of really awesome things for an hour and a half, bunch of tricks. There was one trick in particular that he said it’s so simple but will make you so much money. Mark, take it away.

Mark: [00:00:36] The magic pill. The secret sauce. The one thing that will create massive amounts of income in your business is when the lead calls you, the consumer calls you, the seller, the buyer, whoever it is, answer your freaking phone.

Anthony: [00:00:52] That’s right.

Mark: [00:00:54] That’s it.

Anthony: [00:00:54] Wait. What percentage did you say of online leads if they’re calling, and the agent’s not picking up?

Mark: [00:01:01] Over 50% don’t answer the phone.

Anthony: [00:01:03] It’s insane. I have friends, some of my people that I’m closest with talk about, “Oh, if I don’t recognize the number I don’t pick it up.” Well, if you’re one of those people and you’re in sales, quit. Get out of sales. You’re in sales, you pick up the phone. I don’t care if you know the number, you don’t know the number, that’s what Mark was just talking about out there and I’m like, “We got to go do a video and talk to our realtor friends about this because it’s so simple.”

Mark: [00:01:24] I’m gonna give you a bonus content.

Anthony: [00:01:25] Please go.

Mark: [00:01:27] Every single one of our million dollar plus clients in Austin, Texas, every single one of them, that’s been an inbound opportunity to us has been a direct phone call. If I did not answer my phone, they would have gone to another agent. They’re fluent, they’re wealthy. The people that make the money, they don’t fill out forms. They want to talk to someone who’s good, get the information, get in the house and buy it. They don’t want to mess around.

Anthony: [00:01:53] Simple. Bizarro, anything to add?

Matt: [00:01:56] That’s it.

Anthony: [00:01:57] That’s it. Simple, right?

Bizarro: [00:01:58] Simple, pick up the phone.

Anthony: [00:01:59] Pick up the phone. Now, I want to point something out. Have you ever heard of anyone dying because they picked the phone up, and they didn’t know who was on the other end? Literally, no. It doesn’t happen. Stop being– Can you imagine that?

Mark: [00:02:10] Yes.

Anthony: [00:02:10] “Hey, I heard Bill died. That’s awful. How did he die?”

Matt: [00:02:13] “Pick up the phone.”

Anthony: [00:02:13] He answered the phone call. He didn’t know who he was and he dropped. A goddamn tarantula went into his ear and ate brain. It’s like, give me a break. Pick up the phone folks. Have a great day.

Mark: [00:02:23] Peace.

Matt: [00:02:23] Bye.