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Anthony Lamacchia – June 11th, 2018

[00:00:00] Anthony: Hey, everybody. I want to give you two or three tips that you can implement this weekend with your buyers with respect to keeping them happy, keeping them engaged, getting them a little bit excited. The first thing I would do is I’d get a message out to some of your buyers to tell them, “Hey, inventories really come up in the last 30 days-”

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[00:00:18] Anthony: You guys can say hi. All right, you can say hi quick. All right, go ahead. There were 13,000 homes on the market 30 days ago in Massachusetts. Right now, there’s 16,700 as of right now on Friday night. That’s a dramatic increase. You should let your buyers know about that. That’s 20% increase, and a massive increase since March when there were only 11,000 homes in the market.

Again, first thing I would do is I would give the buyers a heads up, “Hey, just so you know, a lot more homes have come on the market in the last couple of weeks and we expect several more in the next couple of weeks.” Get them excited, get them engaged and tell them the truth. That is the truth.

Also, do you want to be a good agent? You need to be the first person to get them the house that they’re looking for, house in the area that they’re looking. Even if it’s not perfect, try to be the first agent to let them know about that house. If they’re finding out about the home on Zillow, they’re going to ask themselves, “What do I need this agent for?” They should be finding out from you because your job to dig, your job to search. Remember, I talked about digging before.

I wanted to mention that because this is positive news for the market, it’s positive news for home buyers, it’s positive news for realtors, and it’s very important that you let the buyers know about this. Be in touch with them at all times. Don’t just be in touch when they’re automatically emailed the property and then, they reach out to you. That’s not being an actively engaged realtor doing what’s best for your buyer.

Get in touch, let them know what’s come on. Be the first one to let them know about homes that come on in the area they like and get out there and show them properties and hustle in the weeks to come, and you will get more homes under contract because inventory is increasing.

Thanks, everybody. Hope that tip helps you out. I know it will if you implement it.

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