Two Tips on How to Convert More Buyers!

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Anthony Lamacchia – September 7th, 2018

Hey everybody. I’m going to give you two tips on how you can convert more buyers. There are two things that you must stop asking, stop asking today, end it, don’t ask any more, if you listen to this, you will convert more buyers. Here we go. Do not ask, “Do you have a realtor?” Stop asking that question, my friends. Stop asking, you are not a realtor police. You are in the sales business, you want to convert people when you are on the phone with a buyer, the main goal is to get an appointment with them.

When you ask them questions like, “Do you have a realtor?” you are literally handing them a shield for them to take and defend you away, so their natural instinct is to say yes, because they know that will push you off. Think about it, how many people do you know that don’t know a realtor? Everybody knows a realtor, so stop asking that question and you’ll be shocked how many more buyers you will convert.

Another one; “Are you pre-approved?” Another no-no question. I know several of you watching and you’re thinking, “Wow, Anthony has officially lost his mind.” Folks I have news for you, I lost it many years ago, but with this stuff, I actually do know what I’m talking about. If you stop asking these two questions, and right now we are talking about this one, “Are you pre-approved?” You will convert more buyers.

Think about it, when someone clicks on Zillow or clicks on to contact an agent, are they asking to be interrogated? Are they asking to be questioned on their financial well-being? Are they asking to be questioned on whether or not they have the money or this and that? No, they’re not. They’re simply inquiring on the property. When you ask things like that, you’re turning them off. There’s no reason to do it.

Back in 2012, we stopped asking these two questions and our conversion of buyers went up immediately. Then we implemented several more things from our buyer conversion system that we teach. When we simply stopped asking these two questions, it made a huge difference. Some of you that are watching might be thinking, “Wait, he already talked about this last November.” You’re right, but we did it in three different videos and we want to have it done in one video.

That’s it for today’s tip on Friday afternoon, stop asking these two questions when you’re first on the phone with a buyer and you will not scare them away. They will be more attracted to working with you, more interested in working with you if you don’t ask those two questions, and we’ll talk more about other things you should say and when it is appropriate to find out about their pre-approval and if they have a realtor it will come up, you don’t need to go inviting it.

That’s all folks, have a great weekend, happy selling. Thank you.