2 Things NEVER to Say on the Buyer Call!

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Anthony Lamacchia – November 30th, 2017

Hey everybody, have got two questions you never ever should as a buyer when you first get a buyer lead. I’m Anthony Lamacchia and I’m here to give you two tips today. Okay, two questions we just finished training and I just run over this with people. Never ask, “Do you have a realtor?” Never ask, “Are you pre-approved?” Now I know as soon as you hear this you thinking this guy is crazy, he has lost his mind. Every realtor is thinking that. I’m going to explain why in a follow-up video that I’m going to do by Monday.

Those are the two question. If you stop asking these questions when you are first on the phone with the buyer you will convert more buyers and I will explain why. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Have a great day.