Today is a BIG day!

Read the blog below:

Anthony Lamacchia: Good morning, everybody, I got to be a little quiet. Up on the third floor of my house, and everybody’s sleeping downstairs. I just wanted to say I hope everybody has a great day. It’s probably the last full workday for everyone before the holiday. I’m up here, it’s 4:33 right now, and I’m ready to kick some ass. This will be a big day for me. I hope it’s a big day for you. I was thinking about how Brian Buffini, number one by referral trainer in the country, talks about winning the day.

I want you to win the day today. This is a big day, let’s take advantage of it. Let’s make sure all clients are in good shape, make sure your closings are in good shape for next week. Oftentimes during the holidays, closings will get bumped into the next year. Check in with everybody today, make sure everything is in good shape, do your planning for 2019. I’m up here now, I’m planning for– Let’s see, what am I doing? Couple of things I’m doing. Can you see that? Wall Street Journal.

Always read the Journal for 10 minutes in the morning, and I am planning for our event, I won’t let you see who’s in that, but we’re going to be announcing our January 17th event. We’re having a huge event with guest speakers, one from Down South and one big team leader from here in Massachusetts. That’s it, my friends. Have a great day, thanks again for helping us get to 10,000 likes. For those of you that celebrate Christmas, have a very merry Christmas. Thanks, guys.