Thoughts About Commitment

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Anthony Lamacchia – October 2018


Anthony: What’s up there everybody? Just landed in Norfolk Virginia. Speaking tomorrow for Chantel Ray at her big company event she’s having. She’s having her Realtors and a whole bunch of others and I was just thinking on the plane I was going through Facebook, I guess I’m tired, it’s midnight. I was looking at comments and looking at things that were put out today in this group I’m involved in, Jon Cheplak’s is group. Jon talked about how it’s not about time management. It’s about, what do they call it, choice management.

Then I was thinking about today, we were talking about some big goals with him and Jackie our director of growth was talking to him about goals that we want to get to and he always talks about is it a goal or is it a commitment? Is it a goal or is it a commitment? Goals are talked. It’s like people saying I’m going to go on a diet. I’m going to go on a diet because I’m going on vacation or some shit like that and that stuff doesn’t work. When you’re committed to an outcome you make it happen no matter what. I’m committed to growing my business and no matter what it takes for me to do. Whether it be on the brokerage front of the training front or property management front whatever it takes, I do it.

I was just thinking about this on the plane coming in to land here. I don’t make up excuses, I don’t get lazy and say I don’t want to drive too far I don’t want to fly too far. It’s always amazing to me when I hear people make up these kinds of excuses. I just wanted to talk with all of you for a minute about the word commitment because that rings true in my head and it hits me when he talks about that. I think about how I run my own business and I’m clearly committed.

That’s what you have to be if you want to make a real difference. Think about that, think about where your business is at, think about where you want it to get, and then think about are you truly committed. Are you truly committed to doing whatever it takes and doing it every day with consistency? Are you going to do that? If you are, then your business will grow nothing will stop you. That’s all my friends, have a good one.