The Phone!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: The phone, the phone, the phone, my friend look. Look what I’m doing all morning, making dials, checking in with people, saying hello. That is the best thing you could be doing right now. It is not a time for sales. It’s not a time, as I said yesterday in the long Q&A I did, it’s not a time to be pushing people to list. It’s not a time to be pushing people to buy unless of course there’s some reason that they need to do that. Then obviously you need to help them, but it’s not a time for sales.

It’s just a time for being in touch with people, connecting, saying hello, checking in with your past clients, make sure everyone’s doing well, and that’s that. Also, with respect to that video yesterday, don’t be fooled by the first 60 seconds. That is the best crushing video I’ve ever done ever. 45 minutes of solid content with answering a bunch of questions that I got from a bunch of realtors across the country. Tune into that, make sure not to miss that. Just scroll down if you’re watching on Facebook and send me more questions. Hope you’re all well, talk to you soon.