The Phone is Your Friend

Read the blog below:

Have some bad news to deliver to a client? Maybe something they don’t want to hear. Maybe you got to talk to them about a price adjustment. Maybe you have to talk to them about some things they needed to take care of after a home inspection. Guys, don’t do it by email. Don’t do it by text. Always start with the conversation. The phone is your friend. When you send things via text and via email, it is cold, cold, cold.

In our training we talk about warning and warming up, so what we talk about is if you’re going to let another party know something they need to do or your buyer requests this and that on a property, don’t just send a cold email to the listing agent. Always give them a call and explain some things over the phone, then you could follow up with email detail. If you’re trying to convince a buyer to meet with you, if you’re delivering bad news to a tenant. I spoke to a client today who had to get a message out to a tenant and he was going to send an email and I said, “Call first, be friendly, explain. Explain the background, explain why you’d like them to leave, let them know that you’re going to be sending an email.”

God, I got to shave. It’s itchy. “That you’re going to be sending an email, but have a phone call first.” Guys, remember, text and email is cold, cold, cold. It’s not warm. You can’t sell anyone with texts or email. Text is a quick way to get in touch with someone, quick way to get them on the phone. Email is a good way to lay out detailed, but speak to them first. If you speak to people first when you’re negotiating price adjustments, negotiating home inspections, talking to tenants about having to move out or offers not getting accepted with buyers, do it on the phone, follow up with emails and texts.

The world is going down the road way too much of email and text, and that’s why people that are doing it too much are having trouble selling. Take my advice. Use the phone more. The phone is your friend. Thanks guys. Have a good night.