The Number One Tactic in Real Estate

Read the blog below:

Anthony: -the year, I was out at a conference in Las Vegas, and while I was there, along with other people here from Monarque Realty, we met up with Jon Cheplak for lunch. Jon is our recruiting coach here at the company and he has been for a few years. He’s a terrific guy.

We walk in the restaurant, we meet for lunch, bro hugs, handshakes, all that, and another friend from New York comes in. I said, “Hey, Jon, I want to introduce you to my friend Brian. Him and his brother Willie, have a great company out in New York.” They shake hands, they meet. I said to Brian, I said, “Brian, as I told you, this is the number one recruiting coach in the country right here. I’ve never met someone who knows more about recruiting realtors than this guy. He’s helped us a ton at  .” “No, thanks a lot.”

He looks at Brian and he says, “Brian, you want me to tell you the real trick? Let me tell you, really, inside scoop right here right now, and Brian has s never met and he’s thinking, “Okay.” Brian says all right, and Jon goes, “Here’s how it goes. Number one thing is it’s amazing. It’s this amazing tactic. Just dial the phone.” I think that as I’m doing this training today on working by referral and using the phone.

Jon was 100% right and that’s the point I’m trying to make here. Why do realtors shy away from the phone?