The IMPACT of video is really amazing!

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Ever wonder about the impact of a video? Guys, it’s hugely impactful, and I want to talk you to about that today quickly. Anthony Lamacchia here with Crush it in Real Estate. Guys, in the marketing world, there are a ton of distractions and you have to stand out. I just heard some amazing statistics that I wanted to share with you as I sit on this plane waiting to take off to New York, but let me get to it.

A one-minute video has the same impact in someone’s brain as if they took in 1.8 million words. I literally just heard these stats. 55% of communication is body language. Think about that. Now, that does make perfect sense because, let’s face it, when are you most effective? I always teach in our trainings, you’re more effective over the phone when people can hear you than you are via text and email.

That’s why you only use text and email to get people on the phone, but then when you’re face-to-face, you’re even more impactful because 55% of the communication is body language, and the rest of it is what they actually hear. The other thing I want to mention is 500%. This number is an interesting number, this one blew me away. Video has 500% percent more staying-power in someone’s brain than if they read something.

You guys have a chance right now to remember this, and have this video stick with you 500% more than if I just typed it in long-body text on Facebook, or if I did a Facebook post, so I wanted to mention those things. Guys, the world is filled with tons of distractions. People are advertised to all day, every day on their phones. I’m holding this stupid thing right now. I’m going down to Times Square, there’s billboards everywhere, lights everywhere, places full of distractions, but that’s effectively how people feel every day.

There’s a ton of those things going on, so if you want to stand out, you have got to start to do video. Now, I did talk about this three weeks ago when I talked about when you do video, don’t be fancy– that video was a hit by the way. We had a tremendous amount of views, and a tremendous amount of full watches on that one, but guys, it’s true. Stop overthinking video. I literally just heard these statistics from one of our coaches and I jumped on video.

I don’t care that I got a four-day beard, I don’t care that I have a crummy shirt on, it doesn’t matter to me. I’m all about educating you guys, telling you like it is, helping you with your businesses, and that’s it. Have a good night everyone, and have a wonderful week. Thank you.