The Customer is NOT Always Right!

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Anthony Lamacchia : 

The customer is not always right. They are not. Yes, I said it folks. I said it. Learned that from my dad when I was about six, talked about it on stage at our crush it real estate event a couple weeks ago and I’m going to talk to you about it now. What do I mean by that? By the way, it’s like 22,000 below zero in Boston today. We got my son’s birthday party going on. We got balloons. Charlie say hi. He’s back there.

Charlie: Hi.

Anthony: [chuckles] All right. Why is the customer not always right? What do I mean by that? What I mean, guys, is there are unreasonable people out there. Too often do I see realtors get blamed for things that they shouldn’t. We, realtors, I mean, take, for example, when a house doesn’t sell, we get more blame than we deserve. When a house sells too fast, we get more credit than we deserve. It’s just the nature of the business. Sometimes you have to realize as a realtor, you’re going to get clients that you just can’t please. You just can’t.

Once in a while you’re going to get fired, once in a while someone’s going to say, “I’m hiring someone else to sell my house.” They’re going to say they didn’t like their experience. They’re going to do a bad review. This happens. You should be working everyday of your life hard to make sure that decrease that from happening. Guys, I got news for you, you do enough business, it’s going to happen.

If you’re watching this video, “My clients all love me, I’m the greatest thing ever,” live news for you, you haven’t done enough business because you do enough business, eventually that’ll change. Sorry, I’m just turning here. A lawyer taught me one time years ago, we had some illegal issue about 12 years ago and he said, “Anthony, if you’re not pissing people off once in a while then you must not be doing very much business.” I never forgot that. It’s true.

Look, guys, I’m a huge proponent of good customer service, huge proponent of doing a good job for our buyers, our sellers, our landlords, our tenants, our property management customers our training customers, I am a big believer in it. We had somebody say they were unhappy with something a few weeks ago, and I said give them all their money back. We’re not here to give people an unpleasant experience. It depends on the circumstances, but, guys, you will bump into certain circumstances where you just can’t please people. You can’t get them to get over it.

When that happens, bye, hire someone else, free country. Plenty of real estate companies out there, plenty of realtors out there. Move on, because here’s what happens to many of you, I see this firsthand with our very caring realtors, where we occasionally get a very unreasonable client. The unreasonable client gets into your head. You let her ruin your day, your week, your month, and then you just start providing poor service. You can’t do that.

Let’s say there’s a legal issue and then you start being so careful for legal issues that you’re not even serving your client the right way and you’re not doing business. I’ve seen agents get down about things that have happened with clients and have it derail their sales for months. No reason for it guys. The customer is not always right. Words of wisdom from my dad, Mr Jolem Akea, I’m going to see him in about an hour.

That’s about it folks. That’s the message of the day. I want you guys to keep that in mind. Do the best you can. Provide good customer service. Once in a while you get someone that’s too much, sign out, see you later. You got better things to do. The energy that they suck up out of you, you could put it into five good clients. All right, guys, you get the point. Enjoy the Saturday. If you’re here in Massachusetts, I don’t know, we’re like 12 so suits long Johns, I mean like high socks. I mean this shit is crazy. All right, have a good day everyone.