Thanksgiving is THURSDAY!

Read the blog below:

Morning, everybody, it’s a holiday week. No, it’s not, actually, it’s a holiday on Thursday. I want to talk to you all about that and I don’t want to sound insensitive. I appreciate Thanksgiving, I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving. I’m excited to enjoy it with my family and my children, but folks, Thanksgiving is not the whole damn week. There’s no holiday, Thanksgiving yesterday, today on Tuesday, tomorrow on Wednesday, no holiday on Friday. Too many people, when we have these holiday weeks, get complacent, they lose their flow, they lose their mojo, they get off their pattern. Guys, don’t lose time, every minute that goes by, you’ll never get it again.

There’s no reason to kick back the whole week, there’s no reason, if you identify a problem with your business, to say, “Oh, I’m going to get on that next week, I’m going to get that after the holiday.” Guys, today is the day to make shit happen, all right? Don’t lose your flow, stay consistent. Let’s work hard before Thanksgiving, after Thanksgiving so we don’t lose time. It’s also a great time, realtor friends, to get out with your buyers because many realtors will not take my advice this weekend and, actually, many buyers will kick back as well. When they do that, that’s the perfect time to get your buy out because there’s even less competition.

Not that there’s a ton of competition this fall, it’s a terrific time to buy but you guys get my point. Get out there with your buyers and get to work with them. Listen, happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I appreciate you all, I appreciate your following and I genuinely mean that, but the point I’m trying to make is, don’t put things off, get things done today. Have a great one, everyone.