Terrific News On Mortgage Rates

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Ever get your buyers repre-aproved? Yes, I said repre-appoved, meaning get them pre-appoved again, get an updated pre-apporoval. It is that time. I’m sitting here on my couch reading news from the day, Wall Street Journal, Mortgage Daily News, mortgage rates lowest level in nearly a year. Perfect excuse to get in touch with your buyers immediately which by the way you should be doing after the first of the year has come.

I talked to you guys before about getting in touch with people that you lost touch with in the fall, getting in touch with them this week. Well, this just made it about a 100 times easier folks. They need to get an updated pre-approval. If they were pre-approved before, perfect excuse to get them repre-approved. Talking to them about, “Hey, you can afford more now,” or if they don’t want to spend more you can say, “Your mortgage payment will actually be lower now.” See, this is upside of a down stock market folks. It drives interest rates down and that has happened, interest rates are now at the lowest level in nearly a year. Get in touch with your buyers. Get them in touch with your mortgage broker right away. Perfect excuse to do that in the next couple of days. Thanks guys. Have a good one.