Struggling with Sell/Buy clients?

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Are you tired of struggling with sell-buys, convincing sellers what they need to do to get themselves prepared to be ready to buy? Sell-buy is when people are buying and selling. It can be one of the most confusing sales to deal with, especially when you are a newer agent, it can be a little bit overwhelming. Darlene here, one of our top agents in the company just helped me out and did a training for about 45 minutes with our agents.

She has created a real niche in this space and she does a ton of them. For the record a ton of our agents do but she really is doing a– from a percentage perspective, you’re doing a ton of them when looking at the rest of your business and you’ve gotten really good at it. A couple of things that I really paid attention to, I’m just going to move you for one second and then I’m going to have you elaborate is, we talked about getting your seller truly ready to be able to make an offer on another home and then get their home on the market. She’s taking steps even further and I love some of the tips that she gave.

It’s not just, “Hey are you guys ready to go on the market?” “All right, we’re ready. When we find the house, we’re going to get ready and yes, we’re ready.” What happens is you make an offer, it gets accepted and it takes two weeks for them to go on the market. Your sellers, they’re going on the market 24 hours?

Darlene: Yes. More than 24 hours [crosstalk]. To really have a successful transaction and getting people and their offers accepted, I make sure that the pictures are taken in advanced, everything is done in advanced, their house is organized, so that when we find the right house, I can tell the agent with confidence on the buying side, “Hey, these guys will be ready to go on the market. I’m going to put it on Wednesday this week, we’re going to have our open house on Saturday.” The buyers are already on board because they know that this is what it takes to get their offer accepted. I just pre-empt all that stuff so there is no real administration.

Anthony: I love how she said pictures in advance. That was something that caught my ear when you were going over it because that’s another thing that you check off the list and get done, so that when they do find that home they want, they can get it on the market right away. Obviously, I drew this amazing– I actually draw part-time, but I drew this amazing thing here and I said, “We’re ready.” Then there is really being ready, Darlene gets it and then it’s, “Okay, if the home is on the market,” that’s a little further down the line. If the home is under agreement, it’s a little further.”

Obviously, the further you are down the line when you’re representing a buyer that’s also selling, the more that listing agent is going to be willing to take your offer. If they just won’t go on the market, because they’re like, “Where am I going to move to? I don’t want my home to be on the market,” then you have to take that ready part as far as possible. You also talked about, and you do an awesome job with this, building that rapport with that listing agent, really showing confidence, showing them that you have it under control, you’re going to get their home sold so what happens. Obviously you’re doing a good job with this because you’ve even had offers accepted when there’s multiple offers.

Talk about it. Come on, brag and tell them how you’re doing it?

Darlene: Okay. Now is not a time to be shy, so if you’re in this situation were you have a sell-buy, you’re talking to a listing agent and you’re trying to get your offer accepted, you want to talk about all the things that you’re bringing to the table. Why you’re such an excellent agent, that you’re organized, you want to have your offer organized. Oftentimes, if you’re up against other agents that don’t have all their ducks in a row, you’re going to win.

There have been times where I have had offers accepted in multiple offers situations where there was no home inspection, there was no home sale contingency and we had one. We weren’t even the highest price, so I feel like that’s important to note too. You’re always representing your client’s best interest and they still had the offer accepted.

Anthony: I love it. Another thing I want to mention, the mortgage pre-approval because you’ve got to make sure they’re getting that in advance. We actually have that in our training where we say, once you have the initial consultation with the seller, that next step is the mortgage. You talked about getting a very updated, detailed pre-approval and if you can, if you work with a lender like we do that actually does pre-commitments, that’s even better.

Darlene: When you’re starting this whole process in advance and you’re saying, “Okay, we’re going to get your ducks in a row, we’re going to get your pictures taken, we’re going to get the listing out. You’re going to start your mortgage process today because you’re going to get pre-committed.” If you are pre-committed that’s obviously further down the line, which even in this case similar, you want to be as far down the line as you can. Then that listing agent looking at your client’s profile is going to be like, “Okay, I don’t even have to worry about underwriting. I’m worrying about title and I’m worrying about appraisal.” It just helps the odds of your offering getting accepted.

Anthony: Just to be clear on the pre-commitment, very few mortgage companies do it but what they’re doing is they’re actually putting people through underwriting and getting that done in advance. I hope those tips help you guys. Thank you, Darlene. You did an awesome training today, high five and that’s all my friends