Stop Fighting Tech!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: My friends, stop fighting tech. You’re only hurting yourself. Since COVID has hit, it’s been an interesting learning experience for many people. Too many people are fighting tech. Stop fighting it. Stop fighting it. Stop fighting it. You’re only hurting yourself. Okay. I will admit I’ve always been open to tech. I invest tremendously in tech for our company, but I got a little bit spoiled.

I have two executive assistants who make my life much, much easier and I was one that they would get the Zoom up and ready. They would get the Microsoft teams meeting up and ready and then boom COVID hit and what happened? I’m here two months ago, figuring everything out. Oh, three months ago now. Figuring out how to log in to this system, that system.

Now I’m familiar with Zoom and pretty good at it. Familiar with Microsoft teams. Familiar with Stream yard. Any phone app, things like that. I literally did a 180. Before, I would need a new app on my phone. I would need something and one of my assistants would get it in my phone. They would handle it for me, but now I’m doing it myself. My tech skills weren’t bad. I’m not going to act like they were terrible, but they weren’t great because I was spoiled and now they’ve gone from here to here.

I still see way too many realtors way too many that, “Oh, I’m not good with tech.” What? Stop telling yourself that. That’s a delimiting belief. You’re just surrendering, “I don’t know. I don’t know tech.” Stop doing that. You’re only hurting yourself. Learn Dotloop. Learn DocuSign. Learn all these new systems. These systems are incredible. Now I jump on the screen with people that I run my company with. In two seconds, I have them on the screen looking at me. It’s like we’re sitting in front of each other.

Stop fighting it. Embrace it. Take time to learn it. If you don’t, you’re only hurting yourself. You’re the one losing. Just learn. All right my friends have a good night everybody. Thank you.