Stop Caring What Others Think! It Is Hurting You!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Are you worried about what people think? Do you spend time hesitating because you’re concerned about what people will think? The answer is yes for most of you. In fact, the answer is yes for all of us, but some of us do a better job managing it than others. On Friday, I had talked to you guys about the terror barrier or getting to a point in life where you want to do something. Even people who have worked hard to get themselves to a point to do something– Lindsey, say hi.

Lindsey: Hi.

Anthony: Then, stopped short because they got scared. You got yourself in a position to take advantage of something that you’ve wanted to take advantage of for a long time, and then all of a sudden, right in the 11th hour, right when you were about to take off, you stopped short because you got nervous. I want to talk to you guys about that because you have to stop doing it. You’re hurting yourself.

I actually talked to a realtor this weekend, great realtor, who said, “Well, I’m worried about this or that. What are people going to think?” I said, “Look, I’ve got news for you. None of us are as important as we think. In this age its easier. I never thought of that. I said, “Do you think everybody’s going to sit around all weekend and talk about you?” There might be a comment or two, “I’m surprised that agent did this or that.” and it’s over. If you spend your life caring about what other people think, you’re going to get nowhere.

My ex-business partner, great guy, still in touch with him. One time, we were at a conference and some people were saying to us that some other people were talking not so nicely about us. I looked at the people and my ex-business partner was standing there, and I said, “When people stop talking about us, I’ll be concerned.” He goes, “Wow. I like that line.” I said, “It’s true.” When people stop talking about me, Anthony Lomatia, or our company, Lomatia Realty, or crushing in real estate, or real training and systems or Lomatia Property Management, I will be deeply, deeply concerned.

I want people to be talking about us because that means that we’re doing things. If we trip once in a while and make a mistake, or I trip on a video and make a mistake, who really cares? Right now, what I’m in the midst of is helping Lindsey film our Facebook course– See behind me? Facebook. We’re talking about the video section. Lindsey’s doing most of the course, but she asked me to come down. Ryan, say hi. Ryan’s handling the filming.

We’re on camera right now. This camera is going to be in the course. I was just talking to them about the power of video and I was talking to people about how if you spend time worrying about what everyone else thinks of you and you’re scared of doing videos, you’re going to get nowhere. You’ve got to put yourself out there. As far as all you watching, if you think my videos are cheesy or some of you think they’re funny or you don’t like them, guess what? I’m going to keep doing them. I’m not going to stop. Hope that helps you.

Think about that in your day to day this week with your business. Don’t get to somewhere and think, “Oh my God, what’s everybody going to think? Maybe I shouldn’t do that.” What you should think is, “I hope everyone else is talking about me. I hope other people are thinking about me because that means I’m making moves.” Right, Lindsey?

Lindsey: Absolutely.

Anthony: All right. Thank you. See you guys later.