Start Listening – Stop Blocking Things Out Without Thinking!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Are you listening? Are you listening to your customers? Are you listening to your prospective customers? If you are in leadership in the real estate space, are you listening to your agent? Are you listening to your staff? Are you listening to reception? I have news for you. They all know more than you do. They all have more ideas, feedback, their finger on the pulse of problems than you do. The problem that a lot of businesspeople make, whether you are a single realtor working in the business, whether you’re a team leader, whether you are a broker-owner is you’re not using this.

Yes, I use this a lot. I talk a lot. There’s no doubt. I’m always speaking, giving updates, doing things like this, but I listen even more. I pay attention to feedback. If three or four or five people over the course of a month mention something that’s an issue, I’m walking around and I’m thinking about it and I’m thinking about it and I’m thinking, “How can we solve that? How can we solve that?” It stays in my head and it bangs around in my head. The mistake a lot of business people make is they block things out. Frankly, it’s a mistake that a lot of people make, period, is they just block things out, and they have this blocking mechanism in their brain that goes up even before something is able to go in.

They hear something and they have their own belief system, which we all have strong belief systems in certain ways, but we hear things, and then we automatically block out without actually taking it in and listening and thinking, “Wait, is there something to that?” Since Friday, I got two pieces of feedback about our company, not negative, but things that we can do to go from here to here. Since Friday, two very important things and one of them I’ve been thinking about for weeks. I’ve been thinking, “How can we do better? How can we make that more cost-effective? How can we improve that?”

Funny enough, all of a sudden, someone said it to me last night. Now I’m already working on it, thinking how can we solve that, and the way our company works in the next few weeks, there’ll be a change rolled out, and there’ll be a lot of happy people. Why does that happen? That’s because even though it seems like I use this more, my mouth more, Jack Attridge just put it right. He said two ears, one mouth. I listen constantly. I’m constantly listening to feedback. Again, whether you’re a team leader, broker, owner, or agent, you must listen to your consumers. You must listen to your coworkers and you must listen to people to improve your business.

We get more ideas from our reception staff and from our agents than I do from all of our executive team. It’s no offense to any of them, every single one of them would agree with me. We get more ideas from the people that are the boots on the ground than we do from those above. That’s all, folks. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Enjoy your day.