Bringing in Outside Voices

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Anthony Lamacchia :

Good morning. Who’s excited for a big day. We are here at Lamacchia Realty just walking into the office. We actually have an outside speaker coming in, Mr. Jon Cheplak, coming in from Vegas. He’s already in town. He’s going to be talking to our agents. This is a Lamacchia Only sales rally that we’re having here right at the beginning of when the spring season really, really kicks off. Decided to have him in to talk to everybody. For those of you that don’t know Jon, he’s an internationally renowned speaker, coach. Say good morning, everybody.

Anthony: Jon’s a international speaker. He’s been coaching with us for about a year and a half. He’s helped us with a whole number of things. Actually, let me give credit where it’s due, Jon is the man who told me to start a page on Facebook where I would share all kinds of real estate tips and things like that and that’s why I started this page. I got to give Jon credit for that.

One thing about being a leader, you got to realize people get tired of hearing from just you. It’s like parenting, when you go to your brother’s house and your kid listens better to your brother. That’s something that I recognize being the owner here of the company. That’s why we’ve been involving outsiders more and Jon’s our first outside speaker that’s going to come in, talk to the whole company in this type of capacity. We’re super excited to have him.

What I’m going to do is I’m going to go live again, right around 12:00, 12:15 and share with all of you, maybe one, two or three of the top things that he goes over, just so you guys can get a little bit of insight on it. We’re excited to have him, we’re going to do some company updates. We got our mortgage broker Sean Panosian doing some mortgage updates. It will be 10 minutes of me, 10 minutes to him, then about an hour and 45 of Jon.

We’re excited for a big day. If you’re a broker-owner or team leader out there, you’ve got to think about bringing in outsiders. Too often do I talk to people I coach, friends around the country, people like that who are like, “I just want them to listen. They’re not fired up.” Well, you got to have some other voices in, my friends. That’s my tip for the morning and I’ll see you around 12:00, 12:15 guys. Thanks.