Show Some Gratitude!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Are you showing gratitude? Are you letting people know you appreciate them? I just got back to my office and I have two notes here. Someone from Toronto, Canada, great guy, realtor, not even a training customer, just someone who’s been following Crush It and sent me an awesome note that I think is so nice talking about how I was there and with updates and things during the crisis of COVID. I thought that was so nice. Then I have another note from a realtor in our company.

By all means, I’m not asking people to suddenly send me a bunch of handwritten notes. I’m not saying that, but I just want to talk about this for a minute because here at our company, we just launched a mini working by referral course. We do a very extensive one usually in January and July. This July, we didn’t because the spring got messed up but one of the homework assignments in this course is handwritten notes and the effect of them. I want to show you guys something.

I have handwritten notes right over here close to me within arm’s reach. Of course, I decided to do this. Here’s my hand notes. Here’s my envelopes. Here’s some Dunkin Donuts cards because I send those out to people. Since the beginning of my career, I have kept 5 or $10 Dunkin Donuts cards in my drawer next to me, handwritten notes next to me and I probably send out pre-COVID, three or four a week. Now since COVID, I’ve been home a lot. I haven’t sent out quite as many but honestly, it made me say, “Geez, I’ve got to get back to doing this,” and these nice people reminded me, the gentleman’s name is Greg, I’ll leave it at that.

The point I’m getting at is you need to show people appreciation. What better way to do with an old-fashioned handwritten note. We believe in it here, here at our company. I know Brian Buffini, in my opinion, best by referral trainer in the nation or in the world. He always talks about how effective handwritten notes are and that’s why we have it in our working by referral course. Just a quick tip recommendation, something that will help you with your business and not to mention, it’s a nice way to be. We all want to be nice and it shows some gratitude. Have a good day, everyone. Thanks!