Right NOW is the Perfect Time To Do This!

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Anthony Lamacchia – August 22nd, 2018

Hey, realtor friends. Are you looking at homes that have been on the market a little while for your buyers? Don’t get stuck in that habit. Too many realtors, since we had low inventory, have been stuck in that habit of only looking at new homes for sale over the past few months because in the winter and spring things would come out in the market it would sell right away.

It’s not still happening that way, because we’re in summer, things have slowed down a little bit and inventory has gone up. There are homes that were listed 60 and 90 days ago that did not sell that are on the market. Some of them were price adjusted once and still haven’t sold. Some of them haven’t price adjusted yet but they’re getting pressure from their listing agents to drop their price which they should be if they’re not selling. That is the perfect time to strike with your buyer.

If you have a buyer who’s frustrated that they still haven’t found the home they want, get on MLS and look up properties that are active, properties that have been on the market 30, 60, 90 days. Even if they’re over your buyer’s price range, and get them in there because those sellers will likely at this time of year take a lower offer. If you want to get a home under agreement pretty quickly that’s one way to do it right now and it could be for those buyers who are frustrated and feel like they can’t find anything.

One of our top realtors in the company was talking about this on our private Facebook group this week. I discussed it with another one of our great agents earlier this week and he actually went home did this, found a property and put it under agreement yesterday. This stuff works. Don’t just focus on new inventory. Focus on what’s on the market, what’s maybe getting stale, what is out there actively and get your buyers into it. That’s it. Everybody have a great weekend.