Relaxxxxxxx the inventory IS coming!

Read the blog below:


Hey, everybody, want to talk to you about inventory. What is it today? February 15th. We’re at that part of the year where buyers are frustrated. Realtors are frustrated. They’re thinking, “Where is the inventory? Where is the homes that are going to be coming up for sale? Where are they? What’s going on here?” Happens every year at this time. Now, there have been homes that have been listed. It’s not like nothing has been listed. The inventory is coming on. Not quite as fast as I would have expected, given the mild winter, but it is coming on. Remember, March 1st is 14 days away. We have one extra day in February, not 10. March 1st is close. Have some patience. Keep those buyers warm. Stay in touch with them. Send them properties. If you see something that goes under agreement, send it to them as a means of education. “Hey, check this out. Came on the other day, went under agreement.” “Hey, check this one out. It just sold.” Keep them warm because you know what happens to inventory on March 1st. It goes up and up and up. Watch, we’ll probably get a blizzard now and it’ll end up being March 10th, but you guys get my point. Keep your buyers warm. Make sure to stay in touch with them. Let them know there’s a lot of properties coming up for sale, and show them data. Show them MLS.

I’m going to post a blog in the comments of this that you guys can use if you need to, and you’ll see it. It’s a line graph that literally goes like that once you get to March. That’s all. Have some patience. The homes are coming up for sale. Thanks, guys. Have a good weekend.