Relax – Just Make Connections!

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Are you getting frustrated that you’re not landing enough appointments right now, people aren’t jumping through hoops to meet with you, or talk? Relax. It’s December 7th. We all know that we live in a society of procrastination. People love to put things off. I did four coaching calls this morning, some with, some without. I did a webinar with a training customer down in New Jersey which went awesome, it was a lot of fun. I realized, well, all week, but this morning it really hit me, people are stressing out way too much about, “I can’t seem to get as many appointments.” Okay, relax.

This time of the year, just talk, make connections, book appointments with those that you can book appointments with, but warm them up, stay in contact for the next three weeks, and like a light switch, once the clock ticks to next year, you will be able to land more meetings. Listen, you’re not always going to get instant gratification. You’re not going to, always, every lead you call, “Oh, I’m going to book right away.” We have all these scripts, and all this fancy training and all this. Well, guess what? It doesn’t work on everybody. It doesn’t work on every single call that you make. It works on some.

What you have to do is, stay on offense, keep dialing, keep dialing your leads, being in touch with your sphere of influence, calling past clients, wishing them a happy holiday season, but don’t expect to immediately get appointments. The ones that you get, awesome. That’s gravy, that’s super exciting. I have some visitors. What’s up, Charlie? My boys just got here to visit me.

Charlie: Hi, Daddy.

Anthony: Hey, buddy.

The meetings that you can get, get the meetings. The meetings that you can’t, don’t worry. Just stay in touch, book them right after the new year when things change and people all of a sudden have a lot more interest. That’s when you’ll get in front of them, but between now and then, you’re just planting seeds, warming people up, making connections, and then you’ll get a book. I’ve got the whole family here, huh? My daughter is here. Ava, say, hi.

Ava: Hi

Anthony: Here’s Charlie. Say hi.

Charlie: Hi.

Anthony: All right, Nicole is not here? Nicole, say, hi. I didn’t know you guys were coming in right now. Mason is here. Mason’s got basketball today. Grant, come here. Come and say hi to everybody. Look, come here, come here, come here. A lot of these people saw you when you were a baby. Look how big he is now? All right, say, bye. I’m going to shut it off. Say, bye. Say, bye. Say it.

Grant: Bye.