Realtors, You Are Doing It Wrong!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Realtors who are posting on Facebook the wrong way. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but every single day, I see posts on Facebook from realtors all over the country that are doing it the wrong way and we are here to help you with that. The marketing guru herself, Miss Lindsay Favazza, created us something this morning. Go ahead.

Lindsay Favazza: There’s a list here of seven but I’m going to just give you the top two that quite frankly drive me absolutely nuts.

Anthony: Also let’s tell them the title of this, Facebook for Realtors You’re Doing it Wrong. She’s giving a list of things that people are doing wrong and she’s going to share a couple now.

Lindsay: First is putting a post about your listing and putting way too much information. If you think about this, if you’re on a dating app, you’re not going to on the dating app write all the skeletons that are in your closet and write all the things that are terrible about yourself that you think like, “If I’m honest, then they’ll be interested in me.” That’s not the way that this works, it’s not the way that the real estate listings work. If you put up a picture of the property and you put up the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the square footage, I’m getting nods of other people in the room, you put up other things like–

Anthony: The address. [crosstalk]

Lindsay: The address, everything, right? They put up so much information and then what ends up happening is someone rules it out and they’re not going to want to go see it.

Anthony: Yes, or if the address is up. See, she’s a marketing guru, not a realtor. They put the address up, what happens? They call their own realtor, “There’s a house coming up on 123 Main Street” or a realtor that they know that maybe isn’t even officially their realtor yet, instead of calling you.

Lindsay: The best way to do it is to put up one picture, maybe just the front of the house. You can just do a quick drive-by with your phone, it doesn’t have to be professional or anything. Put up one picture of the property and then say, “I have a listing coming on in XYZ town. For more information, message me.”

Anthony: Boom, simple. What’s the second one?

Lindsay: The second one, sharing a helpful article but not writing in the post. Oh my god, it drives me nuts. Someone puts in a link and they have great intentions, they want to share an article of something that would help their buyers or sellers, but they write no post above it. There’s no way to know why I’m supposed to read this article, what’s in it for me and what’s going to help me. Quite frankly, most people actually won’t click on the link to go into it, they just want to know why they should care about it.

Anthony: Didn’t we officially find out that in the Facebook algorithm, that works against them if they share without writing anything?

Lindsay: Absolutely.

Anthony: You also have mentioned emojis and things like that. Basically, don’t be lazy.

Lindsay: Yes, don’t be lazy.

Anthony: Right?

Lindsay: Yes, don’t be lazy.

Anthony: You should’ve just given two. [crosstalk]

Lindsay: You don’t just share and that’s it. Are you going to give one?

Anthony: I might give one.

Lindsay: Okay.

Anthony: I just have to.

Lindsay: I like it.

Anthony: I feel like I’m doing something wrong if I don’t give something, video.

Lindsay: There you go.

Anthony: Way too many shy people with video. Folks, look at me, seriously, I have no problem going on camera. I probably should have a problem going on camera but I do it anyway. Stop being shy with videos, get on video it works. A secret I’m going to tell you all and I ask that you guys do not repeat this, okay? We are launching a website next week. I won’t mention the name of it but we are launching a website that is going to be the ultimate learning center for realtors across North America. Lindsay is going to be setting up a page on this website that will be specific for Facebook, that’s all I’m going to say.

Lindsay: Social media. [crosstalk]

Anthony:You did say, I think I forgot, how do they go about getting this document with the other four?

Lindsay: Yes, there’s more tricks on here.

Anthony: And there’s specific explanations, how do they do that?

Lindsay: What I want you to do is just comment below and say, “Yes”, and our Facebook Bot– It’s so exciting.

Anthony: This is above me, a Bot. Keep going.

Lindsay: This is so awesome. Our Facebook Bot will send you this exact flyer and you’ll have all the information on what you are doing wrong.

Anthony: It sends it without us getting involved?

Lindsay: Immediately, yes.

Anthony: They comment– Do they have to put their email?

Lindsay: Just put, “Yes” below.

Anthony: That’s it?

Lindsay: That’s it.

Anthony: Just say, “Yes”?

Lindsay: Yes.

Anthony: Then a Bot, like a robot?

Lindsay: Yes.

Anthony: Then a robot is going to take it.

Lindsay: Absolutely. [laughs]

Anthony: To me, it sounds like bananas but–

Lindsay: It’s pretty exciting.

Anthony: This is going to work?

Lindsay: It’s going to work.

Anthony: If I go on there and say, “Yes”, it’s going to come to me like this?

Lindsay: Absolutely.

Anthony: This document right here today within seconds.

Lindsay: Immediately.


Anthony: Folks, I trust her, she is the guru. Thanks, everybody, have a great day.