Realtors Want To Get Your Buyers Offers Accepted?!

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Anthony Lamacchia – March 2018


Speaker 1: Good morning everybody in New England, happy snowstorm and ended up being worse than they thought. I’m out here cleaning up my snow just like everybody else. There’s is my walkway, I just cleaned up. I have a tip for– Actually this tip is for buyers and realtors. My tip is, and some realtors might hate me for this, over the next couple of days, everybody is going to do what they always do during a snow storming, “I can’t now, the snowstorm came. I’ve got to wait a few days. Let’s wait till next week, let’s catch up next week and go see that home.”

My answer to you is, or my suggestion to you is, get out there and see homes. Over the next three days, there will be less people looking at homes, which means less people making offers later in the weekend. Less competition equals you pay less. My recommendation to you buyers is, get out there. I understand you can’t get out there right now, it’s still snowing, but later today, tomorrow, the next day, don’t put your realtor off. Realtors, like I said, you might hate me for this, but get out there with your buyers. Thank you. Have a good day.