REALTORS The Next 90 Days are KEY to Closing Out the Year STRONG!

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Anthony Lamacchia – July 26,2018

Hey everybody I wanted to tell you a story, yesterday in training we were talking about seasonality and how seasonality in the business has changed since back when I started. I started in the business in 2004 and up until about three years ago, I would say 2013 or 2014 it really began to change. We would have really busy springs, slow summers, busy falls.

Now it’s really busy spring, summer, and then the falls are slow. The reason for that is inventory, the inventory of homes for sale gets so low in the winter that it’s having an impact on buyer and seller behavior. By the time you get into summer, the buyers that were not able to buy a home all spring are then really still out looking for homes to buy. Excluding the week of July 4th or even the week after July 4th, things have really picked up again and the market has been busy.

My message to you folks out there, pretty much across the country, I know what I just talked about with inventory is especially the case here, but I’ve plenty friends in other markets that are seeing the same thing. My message to you is, you need to sell as many homes as you can in the next 90 days. Because once you get to fall, attitudes of buyers and sellers really start to change, especially, the buyers obviously.

Every year in October inventories are at its highest and despite us telling buyers, “Hey the best time of year to buy homes in the fall,” the fact is most buyers want to buy a home in the first six months of the year. As I said, my message is, “Stay motivated.” Yes it’s summer and there’s nothing wrong with going to the beach, and having fun, and taking a vacation, in fact, you should and I recommend that.

However, you should still stay focused on your business because 90 days from now you’ll be wishing the buyers had as much urgency to buy in as much motivation to buy as they still do now. Right now, there is still a tremendous amount of motivated buyers out there as opposed to 90, 120 days, then you get to four months, five months from now into fall, and Thanksgiving and that time people aren’t this motivated, so stay busy, stay active, get after those buyers.

One last tip that I gave people yesterday, any buyers that you did not sell a home to you came in contact with in February, March, April, call them and find out if they find anything. Because you’d be surprised how many did not, and now you can find them homes as there’s more inventory on now, and more inventory coming up. That’s all for today folks, thanks very much and have a great day.