REALTORS, Do YOU Want to Be Known as an Authority in Real Estate?

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Anthony Lamacchia – June 14th, 2018

Do you want to be the authority in your real estate space? Do you want to be known as the expert? If you want to, then you need to be talking about your market. What better way to do it than video?

Yesterday morning, 22 hours ago, I found a video four and a half minutes long with a real estate market update talking about what’s going on here in Massachusetts. I talked about a whole number of things. You can see, again, 22 hours ago, we have 44 shares, somewhere along here, it says 44 shares, and a whole bunch of interaction and 1,500 views. Not difficult to do, not difficult for you to do, but what happens is, people overthink video too much.

When I did that, the only preparation I had was those two graphs in the background where I talked about inventory levels, and I talked about how our market is not as strong as a seller’s market. It’s still a seller’s market, but evening out a little bit more. You can do that, okay? You can pull reports on-market snapshot to see how many homes are for sale 90 days ago compared to right now, anywhere in the country, by the way. Even if you’re down south, most places in the country have lower inventory in February and March than they do right now. On-market snapshot, you can pull sold statistics to look at average pricing now compared to a year ago.

Another one, if you’re going to be talking about what’s to come with sold homes, with sales, you could look at pending sales. Go into your MLS, pull a report on pending sales, say in the month of May, or in the first, I don’t know, half of June, and then you can talk about. Are pending sales up? Are they down? What you expect in a month or two to come as far as sales goes.

Don’t overthink it, it’s very easy to do video. I just jumped on here. I didn’t even tell the person that’s filming this what I was going to be talking about. Just get on and let your thoughts go. Stop worrying about your hair and all these little things, it doesn’t matter. People want what’s coming out of your mouth, they want the knowledge just like you’re tuned in right now.

Go make a video like that and get it posted on your own page and on your business page. Email it out and make a bank. Put it on YouTube as well. Thanks guys, have a great day.

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