REALTORS, DIG in for Your Buyers!

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Anthony Lamacchia – January 9th, 2018

Good morning everyone we’re here live on the crush it and real estate page. I’m going to talk about how to find homes for your buyers in the next month. We’re at the time of the year right now where inventory is at its lowest point, nationally. December 31st every single year more homes expire off the market than any other time of year.

Now one of the things that I always talk about in our training is how if you’re representing a buyer you had better be looking and giving them the impression than you’re looking for them but at this time of year you also need to be digging. There’s a difference. Digging is really, really, really looking hard in finding properties for them. What I’m getting at is this, right now we are getting to where in the time and it’s really going to start over the next few weeks where buyers are going to start coming out of the woodwork that some of the buyers who you thought flaked out in the fall were just flaking out because of seasonality and the holidays.

They’re going to start to come back around and they’re going to be saying, “Find me a home, oh my God there’s nothing out there.” This is the time when you should be going in MLS and literally looking at all the properties that have expired in the last 90 days, calling those listing brokers in some cases calling the sellers and saying, “I have a buyer,” and match up these properties to your buyers and when you call your buyer and say, “Hey guess what? You wanted a ranch with three bedrooms, in two baths in XYZ neighborhood well one came off the market December 31st and I think it’s a perfect fit for you. I just talked to the listing broker and I can show it to you Saturday.” Your buyer’s going to be thrilled.

That is the type of action you should be taking, that is the type of digging you should be doing to work hard for your buyer and get them into a property. Take action today, scour MLS, find these properties for your buyers so you can get them into something. That’s all and we are live in the Training Center, by the way. We’re about to start our one of our training courses. Say hello everyone.

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