Real Estate is NOT a Life or Death situation!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Hey, everybody. We just had a great training here at Lamacchia Realty and we talked about the fact that real estate is not life or death. I know that sounds dramatic and the title is meant to be dramatic because many of us realtors treat it like it is. We are freaking out, replying to people at ten o’clock at night, getting on the phone with clients at all hours of the day, letting clients interrupt family dinners, all different types of time with kids when it’s really not necessary, guys. We’re not fighting ISIS, we’re not brain surgeons. If something weights five minutes or a half an hour for you to finish a meal with your family, there’s nothing wrong with that. Did we just talk about that?

Participants: Yes.

Anthony: Okay, was it helpful?

Participants: Yes.

Anthony: All right, good. Now, let’s talk about some of the things that we can do differently. Follow me over here. What we talked a lot about and our friends over here mentioned, time-wasting activities. Several of them were very honest in saying, “Yes, I spend too much time dropping off checks, accompanying seller showings, doing my own pictures, sign lock box,” I love that one. Those realtors out there that are listening on how you do the greatest pictures. No, you don’t. All right, get that out of your head. Have someone else do it so that you can focus on that side of the board, which we’re going to go to in a minute.

Meeting with fire departments, handling final water readings, going to closings, a very controversial one. This could be a Crush It video of its own, but that one’s a huge waste of time. Going to seller home inspections is another. Follow me over here. We get to money-making activities. The whole reason we want to get away from time-wasting activities is so that we can get to money-making activities; calls and prospecting, training, making deals, and getting homes listed, which by the way, right now if I had three or four homes in pre-list, I’d be calling my sellers and convincing them to get their homes on the market right away because we’re approaching summer.

When inventory goes up, the market changes. Anything else I should add to this video? Anybody? Who wants to talk on camera. We’re live. Lisa? Kelly?

Kelly: I would say one other thing.

Anthony: Go ahead.

Kelly:  If you’re tempted to reply to an email at night, you can schedule it to be delivered in the morning.

Anthony: Correct.

Kelly: You can type it at night if you really want to, but just schedule it to go at a different time so they don’t expect to hear from you when they send you something at 9:00, 10:00 at night.

Anthony: Exactly, so why is she saying that? Because one of the things that we talked about in training today was not spoiling your clients, especially in the beginning because if you do that, they come to expect it all the time. You’ve got that under better control?

Kelly: I’m working on it.

Anthony: We’re all working on it, all right? Anyone else on this side who want to add anything? Let’s go see Lisa.

Lisa: One of the time-wasting things that isn’t up there but it certainly I’ve been guilty of is redoing everything, like reinventing the wheel. For every email that I have, I’m retyping it.

Your inspection is going to be at XYZ date and time. Utilizing the systems in place, it’s going to be huge for me and my business. Hit the button, the email is sent and it’s done, ready to go, so I’m super excited because I can take that time-wasting piece away and spend more time with the money-making actions.

Anthony: Good, and what she’s referring to is our pre-typed emails that we have here at our company, but you all at other companies around the country or wherever, guys, you can make your own pre-typed emails. We did it once upon a time and we still refine them and perfect them as time goes on. The last thing I want to close out with, my friend Joselin, say hello. Have you ever been live on Crush It In Real Estate?

Joselin: I haven’t. Hey, everybody!

Anthony: Joselin has 13 closings this month, so I want to give you an example. Joselin, how many of the 13 are you attending in person?

Joselin: Zero.

Anthony: Zero. Zero closings you’re attending and that’s a big month. The biggest month you’ve ever had?

Joselin: Yes.

Anthony: Good job.

Joselin: Thank you.

Anthony: Congrats. Thanks, everybody. Hope that helps.