Postcards DO Work!

Read the blog below:

Anthony: Okay, I’m going to tell you a story about postcards and how well they work. Then we’ll get back into the details. 2007. April 2007, I get married. We have the wedding. My cousin’s the best man. My cousin’s about this tall. He stands up next to me and I’m thinking, okay, what crazy story is he going to tell on his best man speech? He stands up, he’s got the microphone and says, “Before I get started on my speech, I’ve got a question for everyone. I’ve got a question. How many people in here know Anthony’s in real estate?” The entire crowd [laughs], me, yes. Everybody waves and puts their hands up, right?

My cousin says, “Okay, next question. How many people are sick and tired of getting these postcards in their mailbox every day of every week?” The whole crowd burst out laughing, 200 people and everyone’s dong, “Me, me. I’m sick of it. [laughs].” Now it takes a lot to get me red in my face. If you look at the video, my face was red. I was straight-up embarrassed, but I knew it was a good thing. One thing I said to myself, I said I’ve been in this business 11 months, full time 11 months at that time, they received a postcard from me every month for probably at least the last 12. The whole crowd including the family from New York, family from California, family from Florida, everybody knew that I was in real estate. At that time, I was only in the business about 11 months full time, right? It made an impression. Postcards work and they work like a charm.