Our Podcast has Officially Launched!

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Anthony Lamacchia & Darlene Umina – November 7th, 2018

Anthony: Hey everybody. We just filmed our very first podcast for crushing in real estate. I’m here with the one and only Darlene!

 Darlene: Hi, everybody.

Anthony: Darlene is one of the top agents in our company. I just went over with her keeping a buyer on track after a home inspection. Keeping the deal together because of about a week ago we had done a video. I had done a video, remember I had my hat on backwards running down the streets of Watertown and six in the morning.

 Darlene: Seems like 2001. [laughs]

Anthony: I know, it’s true, but I had talked about keeping deals together because there’s been more falling apart over the last three months. The video was a hit, it went wild as of yesterday, there’s like 70 comments, tons of shares, and that’s obviously because there’s a lot of that going on, a lot of buyer flakiness. Well, now that we’re launching our podcast, what we’re going to do is they’re basically going to be an addition of some of our Crush It videos, the ones that have high interest. What I’m going to do is I’m going to get an agent that I know can add a lot of value to that video and we’re going to expand on it. Darlene is the first one to do it with me because she kicks ass with this. Okay? Her deals don’t fall apart. Knock on wood-

 Darlene: Knock on anything

Anthony: -that’s what everybody says, even though I don’t believe in that stuff. Her deals really don’t fall apart. She keeps her buyers on track and she does that by doing what’s best for the buyer. She just did this one with me. You’re going to see a lot more podcasts. This podcast we just did on that topic is 18 minutes long, it is live now, so what do I say? Click below, click above, click somewhere?

Speaker 2: Yes. We’ll put the link above.

Anthony: We’ll put the link above. All right. Thank you. Just so you guys know, we used a really fancy microphone, all right? We were told that we needed a really fancy one, so this is what we have. Folks, that is what crushing in real estate is. It is real, all right? We don’t play around with fancy things and fancy cameras, that’s why you guys see me with three-day beards, hat on backwards, looking terrible, because all I care about is getting you guys the real training, the real information to help you. Anything to add?

Darlene: No, that’s it.

Darlene: Jam packed with good tips, I think.

Anthony: Yes. We’re going to have more podcasts coming up. All right, thanks everybody. Check it out.