Pie Event 2018

Read the blog below:

Speaker 1: Everybody, I’m here with Adam and Mark and we’re talking about how this truck was full of pies yesterday. They went out, three pallets full up to here and they gave them all. Where did you give them all? Fire departments.

[00:00:12] Speaker 2: Fire departments, police departments.

[00:00:14] Speaker 1: Past clients.

[00:00:16] Speaker 3: Past clients [crosstalk]

[00:00:18] Speaker 1: Our agents, our offices all over the place. We ordered in total about what? 500 or something?

[00:00:23] Speaker 2: Yes, over 500, eight pallets.

[00:00:26] Speaker 1: We are giving these out all over the place to all the people we appreciate, who refer our company all the time and it’s all about client appreciation at this time of the year. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I’m excited about it, are you guys excited about it?

[00:00:37] Speaker 2: I’m excited about it.

[00:00:38] Speaker 1: We’re going to eat lots of turkey. All right but I’m not going hold you guys up because I heard you’re just going for a refill to drop off more. All right, go ahead, have a good day, guys.

Folks, don’t hesitate to and get like it’s almost like people get stage fright with client appreciation, “Where do I start? Who do I give it to? How many do I order? When do I do it?” Guys, it’s eight o’clock in the morning on Wednesday before Thanksgiving, just go to the store and buy 20 pies and go give it to your top 20 clients.

Then, next year, plan it better and gives it to more people like we did, but there’s no reason you need to hesitate or say, “Oh, I’ll do it next year,” or anything like that. Show your clients appreciation, show how much you appreciate them and give them something for the Thanksgiving holiday, all right. Thanks, guys, have a good day.