Pie Appreciation

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Anthony Lamacchia – November 30th, 2017

Hey everybody? I know I said it would probably be a week before I gave out any tips, but today’s a perfect day to do it. One of the things I’m going to be talking about is working by referral, even though a lot of the strategies and things we teach are with conversion and things like that. Today’s a perfect day to talk about by referral and being grateful to the clients you have.

So, I thought what better time than right now. Come with me. Look at all these pies, everybody say hi.

[00:00:24] Female Speaker 1: Hi.

[00:00:24] Male Speaker: Say Hello.

[00:00:25] Female Speaker 2: Hi.

[00:00:25] Female Speaker 3: Hi.

[00:00:26] Male Speaker: 200 pies in there going out between today and tomorrow morning. My question to you realtor friends everywhere is, how many of you are buying pies, bringing them to clients, inviting clients by and giving them something to show your appreciation for their business and/or their referrals? That’s a big thing you could do. Don’t put it off, don’t say, “Oh, how can I do this? I’m busy tomorrow.” Just go out, grab 10 pies, bring it to your top 10 advocates and make it happen.

Then they’ll become bigger advocates and they’ll appreciate you even more, and it’s a nice way to show thanks. Thank you everybody, have a great day