How to Increase Your Listings

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Anthony Lamacchia – January 25th, 2018

I’m live. Nice. Hey, do you guys want to sign up more listings? Since we started this CRUSH IT, we’ve been getting various questions of all different kinds, but one of the ones that I see a common thread is, I want to sign up more listings. I don’t feel like I signed enough. Any tips you can give me? Here’s a tip that I’m going to share it today. Anthony Lamacchia here.

You see this? Some fancy things that we send out. When you book a listing appointment, don’t be like a normal realtor. Normal realtors say, ”Oh, you want me to be there Thursday at 3:00? It’s Wednesday today, right? You want me to be there Thursday at 3:00?” Okay, great. I’ll be there tomorrow at 3:00.” They hang the phone up. They do nothing. They don’t send an email. They don’t send a text. They don’t mail anything.

Send something of value in advance. You’re objective in any sales process is to warm a prospect up as much as possible before you get in front of them. Don’t wait until you’re there. Why miss out on that opportunity? At our company, we have some fancy things. You don’t even need fancy things. You can send out typical things. Before, we had fancy things back when I was selling every day, we would send something in advance. Send some flyers. Send some company material, whatever it may be. That’s my tip on that.

However, I have more news for you. Bigger News. We are going to offer a 25 to 30-minute live listing training on February 6th at 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time here on this CRUSH IT page. Get your pen out, mark your calendar. February 6th is a Tuesday, 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. I am going to literally go over every step that is involved. Well, I don’t know about every step, but most of the steps that are involved and from the time that you book a listing appointment to signing up that listing.

All the little things and little nuggets that I’m going to share will help you sign up more listings. If you want to sign up more listings and you want to do a better job with your listings and set better expectations and get the right price with your sellers and get the commission that you’re looking for, be there February 6th, 12:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Thanks, everybody. Have a great day.