New Listings Aren’t the Only Homes to Show Buyers

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Anthony Lamacchia – July 5th, 2018

Are you paying attention to properties that haven’t sold yet? You need to be. Over the past spring here, what’s happened is retailers and buyers have gotten fixated only on properties that are new and coming on the market and have kind of stopped looking at properties that haven’t sold over the last month. There have been a significant amount of properties. I’m not trying to make it sounds like the market’s crashing because it’s not.

There have been a significant amount of properties that were listed back in May or in June at prices that were too high, and they’re not selling. Now is the time to get your buyers into those homes that aren’t selling, so then you can hopefully make an offer on it and land the deal for your buyer. Too many buyers have been fooled into thinking over the last four or five months, ”Well, stuff only sells over asking. All homes are selling in three days.” Not true.

That was true February March April, okay? Since then, sellers started reaching for higher prices, buyers find homes so the demand for buyers comes down a little, the supply of homes for sale goes up. I’ve been talking about this for several weeks. Now is the right time to strike for your buyers. Go after those homes that have been on the market three weeks, six weeks, eight weeks that haven’t sold.

Even if they’re overpriced in making offer, encourage your buyer to give it a try. The reason I say that is, there are a lot of sellers out there right now who have been trying to sell and haven’t. Their retailers are talking to them about price adjustments as they should be. That’s when you can come in and strike at the right time before they make that adjustment and then 50 other buyers are all over it. Make sense? Get out there today, look for your buyers, find then all of those homes that haven’t sold. Have a great day, everyone.