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Anthony: Hey, everybody. Good morning. Here to go over a whole bunch of things with you today. Another crush it in real estate update. Lots to talk about during our very interesting COVID-19, call it a crisis that we have going on, but the good news is, we’re getting to the other side of it, my friend. This very tough situation, the worst of it is behind us. Five and six weeks ago is when we were in the worst of it and it has been up since then and I’m actually going to quickly show you some charts and graphs and things that we have and a couple of pages that all of you realtors can use.

I know most of our audience, at least in the beginning is our Lamacchia realtors because this is a weekly training but we’ve decided to do these publicly. We’re going to continue this for a couple of more weeks, but it’s not going to go on forever. Our weekly trainings that we do in our company on Wednesdays isn’t something that we’re always broadcasting out, but we will be doing it for this week and next week and we’re not sure if we’re going to after that.

Today, I’m going to go over a whole bunch of things including these new pages that we’ve built to help realtors. We have pretty much done an analysis on what questions realtors are getting and how to help them overcome different objections. Obviously, there’s a lot of anxiety out there so we’re going to talk about objections. We’re also going to talk a little bit about FHA mortgages in VA, because I am expecting those to increase and I was talking to someone this morning that made me realize, you know what, I need to be talking about that a little bit.

I’m going to do that. We’re also going to talk about the new smoke certificate addendum, and why you also need to get it to the local fire department. I haven’t mentioned that before. I feel a little guilty that I didn’t. There was one sentence I missed, but I’m going to show that to you, and then people could go backward, but I’m totally interested in helping the realtor community, make sure that they’re doing big things, doing things the right way.

I just read something on my cheat sheet here talking about having a big year. I wanted to talk about that because a big thing that I want people to be thinking about is, don’t look at this year like it’s gone. I know that — it’s interesting. It’s like, a quarter of agents are like, “Hey, if COVID’s going on, that’s sad, but I’m working,” and they haven’t slowed down or have barely slowed down. Then there’s a quarter of agents that are frozen, staying in, not working, “This year, I’m not going to make much money,” that kind of attitude.

Then there’s 50% of people that are in between the two and, for some people, I do think you should sit it out for a little while and wait, and they’ve talked about that. They’ve talked about people that are more elderly, being more careful and that sort of thing. Whatever the health officials are recommending, I’m recommending in the real estate space, and I’m just trying to talk to you about how to make all of that easier.

We’re going to talk about how you can still make this a big year and you can still have a big year. On that note, I’m going to be announcing something, a training that’s going to come up some time next week, then we’re going to invite people. It’s going to be Zoom training. A little more of a controlled environment where it’s not public and I can speak a little bit more freely.

We’re going to be talking about that as well. A good amount of things coming up on today’s agenda, not as much as last week or the week before, but I’m going to go through it and I’m going to make sure that everyone’s well educated and help you guys, give you updates, and make sure that you’re in good shape for dealing with coming out of this now because there’s no question, the worst of the real estate market slow down is behind us.

The worst of the COVID crisis is behind us. It’s not like we’re increasing cases every day. Now, they’re decreasing. We’re getting to the other side, my friends, this thing is happening. It is totally, totally happening and everybody needs to remember that. For those of you that are still feeling a little blue like, “Well,” snap out of it. It’s time, it’s game on, things are going, we’re just going to operate in a very safe manner and move forward.

I want to start with my first agenda item now that I’ve given people a chance to log on, and I’ve had a chance to talk to you about what we’re going to go over. The first agenda item really comes off of Monday. Monday, I did an update on the Lamacchia Realty Facebook page and I talked a lot about how there’s people, it’s almost like they want it to happen. Is the real estate market going to crash? Is housing going down?

One of the things that I did is I referenced a Bloomberg News article that said, “Housing’s going to crash because of the pandemic,” and then I showed you statistically how it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. I talked about how, because of COVID, and this is what all realtors need to get very good at explaining. It’s critically important that realtors have a very quick ability to explain the facts. Show the facts because remember, clients, they don’t always believe what we say, they always think we’re selling.

There’s skepticism. Skepticism, really, even among realtors is pretty much the biggest thing that costs people money. That can’t be that good or that company can’t be that good or that product can’t be that good, fascinates me. I was at a conference in March, and people were talking right before they started, people were talking about a real estate team out there somewhere, and, “Well, they’re good because of this and they’re good because of that. Well, it’s only because of this or they’re having a lot of sales.”

I chimed in, I said, “Maybe the leader is just a good player.” They were like, “Yes, maybe that’s all it is.” Skepticism really takes hold to people’s brains. Now, we’re seeing a lot of skepticism among buyers because they’re like, “Is the market going to crash?” When I talked to you guys on Monday, for those of you that were there, I know we had a lot of realtors there, I think more than ever, other than maybe the, it’s not 2008 video, and what I had talked about is,I said, when someone says to me is housing crashing, I think about prices. Are prices going down?

Well, okay, for prices to go down, inventory has to go up and it has to go up a lot. Not just a little. Right now, we have 11,000 homes for sale in Massachusetts and only right now we had 45,000. You know what, I could even go over that with you guys because that’s something that you could show to people. I’m going to pull that up and I’m going to get ready and I’m going to go over it with you live on the screen so that you can watch me do that.

It’s very important to show clients the facts because they often — humans, we all don’t believe what we hear. We believe what we see, we believe what we experience. We don’t believe — and sometimes you don’t even believe what you see. We have a hard time believing what we hear. That is why we created these pages, and what I want to do is, I want to show you some of the pages that we created for those of you that weren’t there Monday, for those of you that were don’t worry, I’m going to go through it quite quickly. It’s not going to take as long as Monday.

On Monday, I was talking to a consumer audience so I had to be excessively explanatory. This is a realtor audience. If you look here, you can see my mouse. By the way, all you have to do is type in to get to this page. Whether you are an agent at Lamacchia or you are not. You’re crazy if you are not using this page as your guide. We are going to update this page every single Monday at noon, probably till the end of the year, maybe forever, honestly.

It’s quite a page. We’ve had a tremendous amount of traffic on it since Monday. Thousands and thousands of people have logged on to it because they heard me talking about it on Facebook so they’ve gone over to check it out and not to mention our realtors are sending it out to people and things like that. If you look at this, we look at a bunch of different metrics, homes listed.

Right here, you can see right at the beginning of the COVID crisis, homes listed decreased. This is the amount of homes listed in a given week. It decreased each week. Then it started to recover and go right back up again. We’re not where we should be. Here’s what’s going to happen. I said this Monday, this year, going to go up here in a few weeks. You’re going to see the market overcompensate for the decrease in homes that have been listed.

People are extremely itchy and impatient right now and they’re dying to get going. That’s homes listed. A snapshot of homes for sale each Saturday, you can see, annually, normally, the amount of homes for sale increases as you get to March and to April. This is the last three years. Then you look at this year, it went up into the low 11,000’s then it went down and it’s flatlined. The next couple of weeks, you’re going to see it increase. That’s another metric.

Remember, we’re going to update this every Monday and you can always get to this by logging on to This is homes pending per week, just after listings fell homes pending, contracts accepted that fell. But look, it’s on the recovery. Next week you’ll see this even higher. Homes sold per week, same thing. Percentage of profit properties pending per week, dipped. Now, it’s going to head back up. I don’t expect this one to overcompensate very much.

Then you look at average sale prices. We weren’t able to fill April in yet because the data is not out yet, but as you can see, this year started with higher home prices. I do not expect home prices to go down. If they do, we’ll put it on here and I’ll say I’m wrong. I don’t expect it to happen. I think that we’re going to be something like this. Maybe in the fall, there’s a little dip around here and we move on.

You can enlarge the images by clicking on that. Then you look at March and April, same thing, all the data side by side. March compared to March 2020. You can see the data, it’s very clear. Look at this here. Homes listed in April down 51%, so naturally homes pending was down 48%. A reminder, you’re going to, unfortunately, have to hear me say this every week, three weeks from now when the Massachusetts and everywhere in the country, housing data comes out for April, it’s going to be headline news. “Home sales down 45%. Home Sales down 40%.”

They want to sell newspapers. It’s understandable. They’re going to be telling the truth. That doesn’t mean that home prices fell. There’s two differences there and that’s what I wanted to highlight to you. Then you can see down the bottom we have showing activity. Then if I jump over here, here’s the New Hampshire page or home, whatever it is,

Lindsay’s going to put it back up. I bet she’s typing it right now. I can see her. I might bring her on the screen at some point just to shock her. She might kill me if I do that. Anyway, again homes listed per week, pending per week, homes sold, a little bit more data for New Hampshire. I think I see a mistake. I see a mass graph in our New Hampshire data. We will get that swapped out. Nothing like finding something live when you’re on with hundreds and hundreds of people. Knowing our marketing team, that’ll be swapped out very quickly.

I talked about all this on Monday and I very much explained and I know some of you watched it, many of you watched it. I very much explained how with supply of homes going down, it’s impossible for prices to go down too. Supply of homes would have to go up. Literally did this Monday afternoon. Tuesday, here’s what happens. Wall Street Journal, I don’t know what this thing is. That’s an ad. Wall Street Journal, “Why home prices are rising during the pandemic, while buyer demand has softened and sales fell 8.5% in March, the supply of homes on the market is contracting even faster.” I don’t want to toot my own horn but I said that on Monday, maybe they were watching.

If you read the article, it’s very clear. I’m going to ask someone on our marketing team to cut and paste this whole article and put it in the comments on Facebook because I know not everyone subscribes to The Wall Street Journal. If you read this, they talk about different things. One of the things that they talk about is less and less sellers wanting to list. Well, we know that’s not going to last forever, but because that happened initially, it guarded the market from falling off a cliff. That’s what this whole article talks about. They did a pretty good job with the article.

One of them mentioned that to you all, remember what I said, very, very important that — I’m going to go back to just me. Very, very important that people — that realtors do a good job explaining this to clients, you have to show them. You also should show them on market snapshots. That’s important. Talk to them about inventory. Now, I’m going to bring you back to MLS and I’m going to show you the on Market Snapshot report. Many of you are like probably thinking, “Yes, Anthony, I know how to get it,” but some of you don’t.

I’m going to the market reports. I’m clicking new report. Drop down on Market Snapshot right here. Single family condo, multifamily. I’m going to switch to one year ago, all of Massachusetts. Watch what happens. Takes a second for the data to pull through. It’s a large report. You should show this to your buyers, if they think the market’s going to crash. Show it to your sellers, if they’re hesitant to list them. If they’re hesitant to list for legitimate health reasons, then I wouldn’t argue. If they’re hesitant to list because they somehow think it’s a bad time or something, you need to show them this.

Look at this data, 15,543 homes for sale one year ago right now at this moment. Today, 11,186. Now, I’m going to go back and I’m going to edit the report with you watching. I’m going to show you Massachusetts. I’m going to choose date. Watch this. We’ll go in and we’ll put in 05/06/2008. Same date in 2008. You want to see why the market went off a cliff? Watch this report. This is what you need to show to your buyers. You want to print this and have it with you. When they say, “Here, we go take a look at this. Look at this report.” Look a year ago, look right now markets can’t crash when inventory goes down. Can’t happen.

I want to show you this report. The data is obviously running. Now, I’ve said a few times and I think sometimes it gets taken out of context. I say the same thing every year, the fall when inventory is higher is a better time to buy. Spring is a better time to sell when inventory is lower, now inventory is even lower. Tell the buyers the truth. None of them listen anyway, they all want to buy in the spring.

Look at this report. May 6, 2008, 47,553 properties for sale in Massachusetts. Today, right now 11,186. If that doesn’t make people realize the difference in the market and why we won’t crash, I don’t think anything else will. If I jump you over to here, and I bring you the percentage change calculator, and I put in original value 47,000. What was that value? 47,553. Let’s just go with 47,000 and then let’s go with 11,000.

Let’s see the difference in the value. Inventory is 76% lower than it was. Now, if I do it the other way. If I first put in 11,000 homes for sale and then I put in 47,000, 327% higher the inventory right now, compared to where it was. That’s actually the right way to do it. That’s the percentage change from ’08 to now. If you look now until then it’s different. You guys follow me.

The point I’m getting at is inventory was 327% higher than it is right now. These people that tell me all the markets going to crash, it just has to crash, for whatever reason good or bad I’m just going to tell you this, in a weird way, COVID is saving the housing market from having any decrease at least in the foreseeable future between now and the end of summer because it’s limiting the amount of homes that get listed. I guarantee you, remember I said this, I guarantee you, there will be sellers that hold off from listing at all this year.

Hope you like that. I see a lot of positive comments. National Financial Credit Group, glad you like it. Let me move on. Moving on to VA loans, Veterans Affairs loans, and FHA loans, Federal Housing Administration back loans. I have heard some stories in the last week of realtors who maybe haven’t been in the business a long time that have turned their nose up a little bit, at an FHA offer when they were a listing agent.

Be careful, FHA saved our market 10 years ago. They’re good loans. They’re good borrowers. These aren’t bad people. These aren’t bad loans. Just because it’s less money down, don’t be concerned. You will see an increase in the use of FHA and the use of VA in the next year, because guys, it’s impossible to not have some impact on people’s borrowing ability when 30 million people have lost their job in the last six weeks, there’s going to be some credit implications. There’s going to be different things that are going to happen.

As people get reemployed, you’ll see people using FHA and VA because they’re a little bit more lenient with those kinds of things, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they make some changes. One we’ve already heard of which is, once people are back to work one day, they can qualify for a mortgage. I was trying to snap and I missed it. Have that in mind.

When we’ve got a property that we’re looking at, I just heard about this morning, an agent is working with a buyer of ours. I don’t want to say where but somewhere in Massachusetts, $700,000 property. Buyer’s using VA, this is a person that was in the military, awesome person. Someone we should be thanking, not turning our nose up saying, “Well, why using VA?” Well, they’re using VA because they’re in the military, they have the luxury to do that. As of last year, because of the National Association of Realtors, VA no longer has a loan limit. They’re taking advantage of it. Good for them. That is fantastic.

Be aware of those loans. If you’re someone who’s listening and you’re like, “I’m not that familiar with VA loans or FHA loans,” I’m going to point you over to the Lamacchia Realty website so that you can get a little bit of education on that. Let me see if I can pull it up quickly, I’ll share the screen and show you where it is. Buyers, I’m going to go down to mortgages and then — Here you go, ready, set. All right.

If you look at this, this is a whole page we have on mortgages. This page talks about the different types of mortgages. Look at this VA and FHA is there. Now I’m saying to myself, “Geez, I hope it’s updated.” [chuckles] You can learn some things there. We update our loan limits all the time. We have a mortgage calculator. We’re always updating rates. Take a look at that sort of thing and make sure you learn.

The other thing I should probably point out though, I don’t normally — You know what, I’m going to get off the Lamacchia Realty page. I’m going to jump to the question on real estate website. If you look here, you’ll see the COVID-19 page, resource page. This page has all kinds of information for realtors, all kinds of videos, things for clients, everything, the stuff that isn’t here that’s over on the Lamacchia page, it’ll point you over there. We wanted to create a resource for realtors so they know where to go to obtain the information they need. We’ve had a lot of people say that it was great information for unemployment, and all different kinds of things like that, but use it as your resource.

The next thing I want to talk to you about is smoke detectors and fire inspections. Super important, obviously, to obtain a fire certificate during a sale so that you can actually close the transaction. Well, as you can see in what I shared, fire inspections during COVID-19 state of emergency. The state of Massachusetts legally now allows buyers to have 90 days after closing, to have their home inspected. It says it right here.

They did this because cities and towns were having a hard time keeping up with the inspections, some people didn’t want people in their homes, vice versa. If you look at the addendum, and this is what I wanted to talk to you about today, and frankly, I wish I went over this before, but the Massachusetts Association of Realtors did a great job putting this addendum together and check this out. The buyer shall deliver a copy of this agreement to the head of the — any town fire department within 72 hours of the date of this agreement.

I didn’t mention this, when I talked to you all about this when it first came out a month ago, feel a little guilty, frankly. Here’s what I recommend. You’re not going to go to jail. If you haven’t done it with a buyer that you represented, do it now. Let your buyer know that it’s required, assist your buyer in sending it to that city or town, obtain that email address to their email there.

I saw a comment that distracted me. But send it to the town’s email address and cover yourself and keep a record of it, but it’s very important that we realtors guide our clients to doing that. We have that addendum right in there on the Crush It Page, on the Crush It website right within the fire inspection blog, we are going to add something that says, “Make sure to provide it to the local fire department,” since we that’s something that’s important to do. But all that information’s right there for you. I’m sure our marketing team has already cut and pasting that link and putting it into comments for you so that you can easily get to that.

I want everyone to know that they can very easily get to what they need to by going on our crushitnre website and if we don’t have it here, it’ll guide you over to our Lamacchia site that does, but use the resources. Even if you’re a realtor in another company, you would be crazy to not take advantage of the resources that we have on there, regardless of what website they’re on. You can see I just clicked mortgage resources. It bounced it over to Lamacchia because we weren’t going to build it in two places. Here’s all the mortgage resources with all the information.

Look at this, every mortgage company, the major mortgage servicers, the loan lookup, very important to know who owns your loan, all these kinds of things. These are tools that us realtors should be using with our clients, we should be showing it to our clients. It’s very important to do that and to be there for your clients at this time. If you go here on the top of the website, you’ll see there’s a resources page. There is a drop-down to all the different pages. I wanted to show you that. I want you to have the confidence to know that if you go to the, you can get whatever you need to deal with this very odd situation.

All right, next topic. I have an announcement to make and I’m telling all of you first, telling all of you first. You’re not going to see us announce it publicly, and me probably start doing promotional videos and emails until Friday. Next Friday, May, 15th, three days before the gates get open, and we can go back to some sense of normalcy. Obviously, the governor and many people have said, “We’re going to open in stages.” I get that but we thought next Friday would be a great opportunity to put on a training event.

This event is going to be over Zoom. It’s not going to be here publicly. It’s going to be over Zoom. It’s an invitation-only event and when I say that, what I mean is it’s open to everybody. I shouldn’t have said invitation-only. You’re all invited. All realtors are invited, no consumers. You’ll need to fill out an event right and then we’ll get you the information.

Look at that, Lindsay just gave away the title. The name of the training is going to be, “Still Have a Big Year.” That is going to be the name of the training. We’re naming the web page I’m going to go on to it right now and I’m going to share it with you, I’m going to go on it right now, and I’m going to share it with you. If you go onto that page, it’s a very simple event bright page.

What it talks about is you can still have a big year free webinar training for realtors. It’s going to be next Friday, May 15th from 3:00 to 4:00 PM. We’re going to talk about how to get back on track if you’re falling off, how to motivate your clients, how to navigate tricky situations. We’re going to be adding to this text, by the way. We’re going to talk about getting your offers accepted and multiple offers scenarios because multiple offers are going to be an epidemic over the next 60 days, and if your skills on dealing with those aren’t good, you’re going to have a problem.

We’re going to show you guys some things that we have at our company that we do with training on getting your buyers ready to strike. We have documents, we have a web page on getting your buyer ready to strike. We’re going to do some training on that. We’re going to talk about how to talk to the clients, how to get your mindset ready to dominate the year. You can still have a big year. So log on to Right now, you’re hearing about it first and register for it. We have 500 seats available.

That’s the subscription that we have with our Zoom. We were not going to increase it to 1000 and spend another hundred bucks a month for one training. It’s 500 seats available and it’ll be a great training, I promise you that. Those of you that are new to me, you get an introduction to me here, but I can speak a lot more freely when I’m on a Zoom and it’s in a controlled environment. I promise you, it’ll be a great training, there’ll be takeaways. There’ll be things that we give away. So log on to

I love that website, Lindsay. Lindsay’s earned her job another day. Right. Great job, Lindsay. Thank you and I should say great job, Cole. Great job, Christine. Our listing team is dominating with all this web content. It’s been a busy time for them. Last thing that I want to mention and then I’m going to go to questions is, tomorrow night, I’m going to be hosting an event with a handful of other realtors because I am the chairperson of the Realtor Political Action Committee for the Greater Boston Association of Realtors.

We have an event at 6:00 PM tomorrow night. We’re building the whole event around, what is your association doing for you? What is your local? What is your state and what is your National Association of Realtors doing for you? A lot of it is going to be spent on what national does and then we’re going to talk about how our Pac helps that. We have 150 seats available. As of this morning, there were 89 filled, or 89 available, I can’t remember.

We have more available. If you would like to come to that training, go ahead and put a comment here saying, “I’d like to go to the GBAR, G-B-A-R training or the our Pac training,” we will send you the information that you need. You’re going to need to email someone@GBAR to obtain the Zoom information. I’m going to send that over to you, well, not me but we’re going to get that information out to you just comment and say that you want to come because we’d love to have you.

Look at this register, register. I love this. You guys, what are you registering for? The GBAR event for this event on? I bet, well, if you say registered, it must be this event, but guys, log on to, 500 seats available. We have, I don’t know, 275 realtors in our company. I bet 200 will come, so that realistically means there’s 300 seats available for realtors outside the company. I am not going to announce it and do a promotional video and emails and things until Friday morning.

Those of you that are on here right now, you guys are getting a head start to — you’re going to be able to get your seat. I guarantee we’ll sell it out. We got 700 people to the Sheraton in Framingham in the middle of January. I’m sure we can get a bunch of people on next Friday. Look at that. Gladys says, “Thanks from Texas for the opportunity.” Love Texas. Happy to have you with us, and we’re getting people that are saying they’d like to go to the GBAR training or the GBAR meeting tomorrow night. It’s actually supposed to be like a happy hour. It should be a fun time. It’s going to be an hour, an hour and a half, and it’ll be a lot of fun.

I’m going to jump to questions. For those of you that have them, please start posting them. Marjorie said, “Can we share this on our personal page?” Marjorie, are you talking about you can still have a big year? Remember that’s realtor-specific. I guess I don’t care if you want to share it on your page, but just know people aren’t going to get the Zoom information unless we confirm that their realtor. That will be a realtor training where I will be speaking realtor language.

Look at all these people register, love it. Beth, Mike, Kathy, Alice, it’s going on and on and on. Thrilled to have you guys. It’ll be a fun training and what we’re going to do is, at our company next Wednesday, instead of having the four hours of training morning and afternoon, we’re going to skip the afternoon because everybody’s busy and they hear from me enough. We’re going to have the morning. By the way, next Wednesday, I will be here with you at 11:00, and we always put these public. Then Friday is when we’re going to have the Still Have a Big Year training. That’ll be fun. That’ll be exciting. I will be there ready to rock for that I can promise you that.

Let’s see here. Gladys, you’re 100% right, having market knowledge is super important. You can see what’s going on here in our market in Massachusetts. 51 people registered already. I love it, so that leaves us with 449 to go. I bet we’ll fill it. You saw this information on Massachusetts. Texas, I don’t believe had a dramatic of a slowdown in market activity, but that shows you the stats that you should be looking at for your market. All right, my friends, let’s send in some questions.

Gladys, we sold your house. Okay, so you’re a client watching and you live in Texas. We must have relocated you down there. Thank you for your business very much. What do we have for questions. Lindsay, do you want to send them over? This crew is usually quite inquisitive. Comment your questions right away even if you don’t have stream yard, just comment on Facebook and Lindsay will start sending the questions over. If not, no problem. We will see you all — there are questions, okay.

Multifamily market- Deb is one of our great realtors. Excuse me, needed a water break. Deb, I’m concerned about multi families. You know that I talked about that on Monday. Monday, I did the whole presentation and I said there’s three areas of real estate that I’m concerned about. I’m concerned about commercial. I’m concerned about the second home market and I’m concerned about multi families in Massachusetts in that order, commercial second home market multifamily.

Reason being, I’m concerned about this law that passed. This law that passed is one sided. It’s all for tenants. It doesn’t enable landlords to really do anything real if someone doesn’t pay their rent. We have about 15% — no, that’s not true. 20% to 25% of tenants didn’t pay for a property management company as of a day or two ago. There’s always some delay, it seems to be a little worse. We’re hearing it from others, so it concerns me.

If it turns into an epidemic of tenants not paying their rent, you’re going to see an epidemic of multifamily homeowners losing their properties. I hope that doesn’t happen, but it is an area of concern for me and it’s something that I have my eye on. Let me look at the next question. Jennifer Wood, another person in DFW, Dallas Fort Worth. I know the lingo. I’ve been down there many times probably 10 or 15 times. You’re listing your house next week. Good for you. I have a lot of realtor friends there. If you’re not working with us on a real, we can help you.

Let’s see, Lisa Hayford. My VA buyers have been some of the most committed, dedicated qualified clients I’ve worked with, it is always an honor to represent them. It is about educating the other agents so your sellers understand VA financing and being knowledgeable about the benefit that these veterans earned. Lisa, I don’t know you, but I agree with you 110%. You are completely right. It honestly gets on my nerves, when people turn their nose up at VA buyers, it gets me going.

We have a military on the move program through our relocation department, and that particular buyer is going through that program or we can, give them some rebate and it’s just a wonderful program to serve the people frankly, that served us. These people, we should be thanking them every time we walk by them. I do it quite often in airports. Thank you for saying that Lisa. You’re obviously an experienced realtor, and because you’re speaking truth there.

Blanca, where do you register for the Zoom? You’re going to log on to — Lindsay, help me. It is That’s, my TV voice that I jumped over to. I jump in and out of TV. Jerry Pagano. You know, Jerry, I know a lot of Pagano’s and I don’t think you and I know each other but we should. I don’t know what that says. What tearing would you recommend for training for commercial real estate? Jerry, it looks like you type as fast as I do. I have typos all day long, so I like you already. You’re an awesome guy as far as I’m concerned.

What training would I recommend, I think is what you meant to say. Commercial is a bit of a different breed. If it’s multiple units, we have endless properties that we manage 12 units, 16 units, 10 units, eight units. That commercial is a little different. When you’re talking commercial with retail space, office space, a different world. If you’re a residential realtor, don’t just go into that thinking it’s going to be easy. It’s different and I don’t know where to recommend that you get training. I know that national association has a training on it.

Let’s see here. What other questions do we have? Look at that, Lindsay posted the event Bright for the May 15th training. She posted the link in the comments. I’m doing you all a favor, doing our realtors a favor too. I told them an hour ago to make sure that they can go in but it sounds like 51 more signed up since then. Just click on it. I should always talk in my TV voice. Just click on that and go into the event bright and sign up. We’d love to have you next Friday the 15th. We’re talking about still having a big year. It’s not awesome when my home phone rings when I’m live.

Let’s see. Genelly Joy Matthew, sorry I can’t say your name. What’s the site for still having a great year training? All right, my friends. Look at that. Sarah Gustafson, realtor friend, smart realtor friend, leader realtors commercial alliance of Massachusetts. Good idea, Sarah. Good point. Sarah, you’re always thinking of stuff I don’t think of. All right guys. I don’t see any other questions. I’m going to wrap it up. We’ve had a lot of long segments, and I don’t want to always be having long segments.

Thank you all. Happy home selling. I will be back to you maybe with a random video between now and next week, but if not, I will see you next Wednesday at 11 AM. That may be our last Wednesday at 11, it may not be, we’ll see. I’ll see you then.